Zoggs Swim Jacket Review

M enjoying an ice lolly in her Zoggs Swim Jacket

Twin Daddy and I returned home from Menorca on Friday after a lovely 7 day holiday. We were lucky enough to have been sent two Zoggs Swim Jackets to take away with us.

I think Twin Daddy and I have taken the girls swimming 2-3 times since they were born. The first time they were only around 6 months old, but they enjoyed themselves. We didn’t use any swim aids such as armbands. We decided to just hold them in the water.

Our twins are now 17 months old and I really don’t think they would wear arm bands.

On holiday we were in the swimming pool every day. M absolutely loved the big pool, whereas R preferred the smaller warm water pool. M was quite happy being held in the water by daddy, but R wanted to walk around by herself. In the small pool, R enjoyed walking up and down the steps and climbing out of the pool then jumping back in whilst holding my hand. I was right next to R whilst in the pool when she was waking by herself, but having the swim jacket on her and M gave me extra peace of mind. They also dry really quickly which meant that by the time we’d eaten our lunch, we were good to go again!

R enjoying an ice lolly in her Zoggs Swim Jacket

Zoggs Swim Jackets are made from neoprene which means when the jacket is wet, it doesn’t get heavy or bulky. The jackets have a front zip and velcro fastening which makes them a secure fit.

As our twins get older and hopefully our trips to the local swimming pool and beach increase these jackets will be great for many more reasons. As mentioned above, they won’t have to wear uncomfortable arm bands and they will also help them to build up confidence in the pool.

The jackets look good too. They’re a lovely shade of pink and they fit really well. They looked comfortable and they did the job perfectly.

Me in the pool with R and M sitting on a lilo

For the purpose of this review I was sent two Zoggs Swim Jackets.


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