Simply Swim Review

One of our favourite things to do when the weather gets a bit warmer, is to take our children swimming. We’re very lucky where we live because we have a number of indoor and outdoor swimming pools a short drive away, and one of the outdoor ones is even free! I like to join in my children when they’re swimming, whether that be on the beach, or at an outdoor or indoor pool. If we’re at one of our local beaches, our girls, who are six years old, don’t tend to go in the water for a full swim, it’s… [Read More]

Zoggs Water Wing Vest Review

Our twin girls are five years old and for as long as I can remember they have always enjoyed swimming. When they were babies my husband and I didn’t take them swimming very often. Mainly because when my husband worked, I couldn’t take them on my own and we’d usually spend weekends in the park or going for walks. However, as soon as the girls were old enough for me to take them swimming on my own, it’s something that I’ve been dong regularly. I think it’s so important for children to learn how to swim. In my opinion it’s… [Read More]

Little Life Finding Dory Backpack Review

As big fans of the movies, we’re pretty excited about the new Finding Dory film that’s due out tomorrow. As such when we were given the chance to review this fab backpack, we were delighted! Voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, Dory, is a pretty loveable character. I mean, just look at those eyes! Unlike a normal backpack the Dory backpack doesn’t have a zip opening. Instead it’s Velcro. I think this is great as it’s easy for little hands to open and close. Inside the backpack there’s plenty of room for your little one to keep their favourite belongings! The shoulder… [Read More]

Learning to swim in Majorca

One of the best things that came out of our recent family holiday to Majorca was that our four year old twin girls learnt to swim.  My husband and I have taken the girls swimming previously in our local leisure centre, and I think it’s fair to say that they’re proper water babies! They love it!  It hasn’t always been that way though! When they were babies, baths weren’t their favourite thing in the world! Now though, they’d happily sit in the bath until the water is cold! Back to our holiday and our first day was spent by the… [Read More]

Zoggs Swim Jacket Review

M enjoying an ice lolly in her Zoggs Swim Jacket Twin Daddy and I returned home from Menorca on Friday after a lovely 7 day holiday. We were lucky enough to have been sent two Zoggs Swim Jackets to take away with us. I think Twin Daddy and I have taken the girls swimming 2-3 times since they were born. The first time they were only around 6 months old, but they enjoyed themselves. We didn’t use any swim aids such as armbands. We decided to just hold them in the water. Our twins are now 17 months old and… [Read More]