SuperZings Series 2 Review

Like the majority of children, our six year old twin girls enjoy collecting toys. That’s why I thought it’d be great for them to review SuperZings. Aimed at boys and girls aged from 4 years old up to 8, SuperZings are collectible figures that children can play with and swap with their friends. We received the following items to review: 10 Blind bags , 80p each 3 super jets , £1.50 each 5 hideouts , £2.50 2each 1 blister pack £10.00 1 starter pack £5.00 From the moment our girls opened the box, their eyes lit up! These colourful, exciting… [Read More]

Mecca Bingo’s Bonkers Bingo Night is Absolutely Brilliantly Bonkers!

On Friday night my sister and I were very kindly invited to Mecca Bingo in Swansea to enjoy their Bonkers Bingo night! Having only ever been to Bingo once, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but what I did know was that my sister and I were looking forward to a good night out! Bonkers Bingo isn’t your usual Bingo! So if you’re after a quiet evening playing games, think again! It quite literally is bonkers! Bingo goers will have the chance to really let their hair down and enjoy a wild night of bingo with a 21st century… [Read More]

Getting used to being self-employed

Back in August 2017 I accepted redundancy from the company that I’d work for since I was 18. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was certainly the most logical. Although I was offered an alternative job with the same company, which I did trial, it simply didn’t work out. It was an evening job which I initially thought would work quite well for me, however that wasn’t the case. I had thought that it’d be good because I could take our children to school and pick them up meaning my husband could start work earlier, (he’s also self-employed). Unfortunately,… [Read More]

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Review

I was recently sent a Rug Doctor rental in order to test it out on our carpets. Cleaning carpets to me usually means giving them a hoover. However, after using the Rug Doctor, I’ve been amazed at just how dirty our carpets were! Rug Doctor is a machine that deep cleans the carpet’s pile, whilst removing stains, dust and allergens. Having never used anything like this before, I was a bit nervous, but there was no need for me to feel this way because the Rug Doctor is very easy to use. The instructions are clearly written on the handle and they’re… [Read More]

A New Exciting Chapter

The one thing I’ve craved all my life is certainty. Knowing where my next payslip is coming from, knowing that I’m financially secure should the worst happen, knowing that my children are safe and happy. Things a lot of us take for granted. Growing up I was a worrier. I worried about the silliest of things. Will I be able to afford to buy a house, a car and even retire one day? Not the normal things your typical teenager would worry about. I’ve always worked for as long as I can remember. I got my first job was when… [Read More]

Back to School with Parragon Books

Like most parents I’ve been thinking up ways to keep the kids busy this summer holiday. For us that means days out to the park, farm and to meet friends. When the weather isn’t great though, I find it a bit trickier to think up things to entertain the girls. Of course, I don’t keep them busy all the time. I think it’s good to let them get bored and leave them to it at times so that they can think up their own forms of entertainment. I love watching them coming up with games to play and the majority… [Read More]

When “Saving Money” Can Cost You Money

(credit) There’s always plenty of ideas as to how we could all save money and be able to put a little more by for a rainy day. There’s so much advice about the subject it can feel bizarre that anyone isn’t so great at financial management – these tips are so ubiquitous and apparently simple, it begs the question: how are so many slipping through the net? If it’s so easy to save yourself some cash, then why isn’t everyone swimming around in their pool of gold coins, a la Scrooge McDuck? (Though truth be told, diving into a pile… [Read More]

A night in with Moana

‘Moana, make way, make way!’ Ah, ever since I took our twin girls to see Moana in the cinema, I’ve had the catchy songs stuck in my head and I love it! If you haven’t yet seen Moana, then I must urge you to go and see it! It’s funny, sad, upbeat, colourful and just brilliant! Moana is fearless, brave and knows her own mind, much like our girls, so it’s no surprise that they love Moana as much as they do! We were recently sent some Moana goodies from Jakks Pacific so that we could have our very own #MoanaNightIn…. [Read More]

My Winter Travel Guide

The fact that winter holidays are typically cheaper means I have been looking into the possibility of booking one for the family. It has been an interesting process, and I have picked up some tips and pointers that I think you will all find helpful, as well. Winter holidays are cheaper It is interesting to see how much cheaper winter holidays are, especially beach holidays. If your children are not yet at school, you can get a real bargain by travelling during term time. This is especially the case if you opt for an all-inclusive package. However, if you book… [Read More]

Gifts for the motorcycle lover in your life!

Buying gifts for family and friends in the run up to Christmas can be stressful. Some people are easy to buy for. In my experience, kids are the easiest to people to buy for. They know what they want and it’s pretty easy to find out! Simply ask them to write to Santa to let him know, give them a toy catalogue and a pen to circle their desired items, or just ask them! They’ll be sure to tell you! Adults, on the other hand are a little trickier to buy for! Unless you know that person really well, their likes,… [Read More]