Mecca Bingo’s Bonkers Bingo Night is Absolutely Brilliantly Bonkers!

On Friday night my sister and I were very kindly invited to Mecca Bingo in Swansea to enjoy their Bonkers Bingo night!

Having only ever been to Bingo once, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but what I did know was that my sister and I were looking forward to a good night out!

Bonkers Bingo isn’t your usual Bingo! So if you’re after a quiet evening playing games, think again!

It quite literally is bonkers! Bingo goers will have the chance to really let their hair down and enjoy a wild night of bingo with a 21st century twist!

There’s fun, food, cocktails, dancing, space hopper racing, celebrity cut outs, inflatable unicorns, big bingo balls (yes, big bingo balls!), and so much more!

With a DJ and lots of prizes to be won, you’re sure to have a great night!

My sister and I arrived at 9.30pm, and were given our bingo book and dauber. We got our drinks & food, and then the bingo and partying started around 10pm!

During the games we were encouraged to get up and dance, take selfies with strangers and even do the conga!

Dancing at Mecca Bingo

Each game lasted around half an hour with prizes for one line, two lines and a cash prize for a full house.

The prizes for one and two lines were so funny! A bubble wrap suit, giant cardboard cut out of Phillip Schofield, inflatable emoji poo and unicorn, and much more!

If there was more than winner, there would be a dance off or space hopper race to determine the winner!

Bingo fans were encouraged to scream and shout along to the bingo calls, cheer on the lucky winners, and raise their daubers in the air for the DJ!

Although we didn’t win anything, my sister and had such an amazing time! It was so much fun and I would definitely go again.

To attend a Mecca Club you do need to be aged 18 years or over.

For the purpose of this review I was compensated for my time. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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