Is Tap Water Good For You Children’s Health?

A lot of parents get caught up in the debate as to whether or not they should give their children tap water. Some people swear by it and say it’s cheaper than bottled water, and can actually provide some health benefits. Other people say that bottled water is the way forward as it’s naturally cleaner and safer than tap water. Who is right? Is tap water good for your children’s health or not? To try and suss things out, we should take a look at the pros and cons of tap water: Image Source Cheaper Than Bottled Water I think… [Read More]

ProWater Review: The high protein, low calorie drink!

I’ve been on a health and fitness mission now for almost two months. Over the last 60 days I’ve learned about what I should be eating and drinking. Before my health kick, I used to drink cans of diet cake like it was going out of fashion. Of course that’s all changed now and I’ve ditched the cans for water. However, water on it’s own can be pretty flavourless. I like something with a little more flavour so when I was asked to review a few bottles of ProWater I was keen to find out what they tasted like. Aimed… [Read More]

Keep Calm You’re Pregnant!

I am thrilled to have written this post for the brilliant Twin Mummy blog, and hope it helps mummies-to-be! Guest post by Ickle Pickle. Click here to read her blog. Mummy teaches relaxation and meditation, so when she was pregnant with me it was natural for her to practise what she preaches!  When I was in mummy’s tummy, I picked up on everything that mummy experienced, her feelings, her thoughts, her moods. Mummy wanted to relax as much as possible, keep her stress levels low, and really connect with me. We had the most amazing pregnancy and birth. We were… [Read More]

We went to Techniquest!

If you live in Cardiff there is no doubt in my mind that you will have heard of Techniquest. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Techniquest is the UK’s longest established science centre. They have various exhibits which they build themselves and once a month they have a toddler day. As the name suggests on toddler day Techniquest opens its exhibition floor up for children to take priority.  They have additional activities, including story time, colouring and craft tables, all aimed at encouraging young children to take their first steps in science. In the summer of 2013,… [Read More]

Pill Hot Water Bottle Review

Over the course of my life I have used various types and sizes of hot water bottles for a number of different reasons. Sometimes to aid an achy belly and other times just to keep warm. I was recently sent the Pill Hot Water Bottle to review and I love it! It’s actually an award winning hot water bottle as it won the 2013 Design Plus and 2013 Solutions Awards. This neoprene hot water bottle is said to be like no other hot water bottle on the market. It’s made from the same material used to make wet suits. This means it… [Read More]

Our Dream Garden

We love summer time here in our home, but to us playing in the garden is an all year round activity. The picture above was taken one cold afternoon in our garden. Our twins love running around barefoot in the summer and come winter we’ll wrap them up warm and kick a ball about! We bought a small activity frame for our girls to play on in the garden, but as they get older I would love to transform our garden into a more fun play area for them. My dream garden would include the following   An area for… [Read More]

Brita Optimax Cool Memo Water Filter Review

I was recently sent a Brita Optimax Cool Memo Water Filter to review I have always wanted a water filter jug because the idea of drinking filtered as opposed to tap water appeals to me, especially for our daughters as they only drink water. This water filter has a large 7.5 litre capacity and is ideal for the fridge. I would recommend checking your fridge’s measurements before buying as it is quite large and may not fit all fridges. The Shoplet website say’s it is ideal for counter tops and fridges. I agree with this with regard to keeping… [Read More]

Zoggs Swim Jacket Review

M enjoying an ice lolly in her Zoggs Swim Jacket Twin Daddy and I returned home from Menorca on Friday after a lovely 7 day holiday. We were lucky enough to have been sent two Zoggs Swim Jackets to take away with us. I think Twin Daddy and I have taken the girls swimming 2-3 times since they were born. The first time they were only around 6 months old, but they enjoyed themselves. We didn’t use any swim aids such as armbands. We decided to just hold them in the water. Our twins are now 17 months old and… [Read More]

Disney Teen Beach Movie Giveaway

The new Disney Teen Beach Movie premiers on the Disney Channel UK on Friday 19th July 2013!    In line with the launch of the film we have an amazing giveaway!    I was very kindly sent a Disney Teen Beach Movie package. Inside the pack were two water bottles, 2 packs of popcorn, a beach towel, a signed photo of the star Ross Lynch, two pairs of Disney sunglasses and a bag of pick and mix.            As Twin Daddy and I are going on holiday tomorrow, we will be keeping the beach towel and… [Read More]

Weaning Complete (A late update)

Before I begin I should say sorry for the lack of weaning posts. My last one (click here) was some time ago, so I’ll do my best to write everything I remember. In my last post I talked about how the girls appetites were growing which meant that Twin Daddy and I decided to increase the amount of food we fed the girls. Well, I am happy to say that we are no longer using baby food jars as our girls are now eating proper family foods.  How did we transition from baby food jars to normal food? Well, just… [Read More]