Our Dream Garden

We love summer time here in our home, but to us playing in the garden is an all year round activity.
The picture above was taken one cold afternoon in our garden.
Our twins love running around barefoot in the summer and come winter we’ll wrap them up warm and kick a ball about!
We bought a small activity frame for our girls to play on in the garden, but as they get older I would love to transform our garden into a more fun play area for them.
My dream garden would include the following
An area for growing our own fruit and vegetables, plus some herbs. In this area of the garden we would have an apple and pear tree, plus a strawberry plant. I believe that it’s really important to get children out into the garden so they can see where their food comes from and they can also help join in by watering the plants and picking the fruit from the trees and plants.
In our vegetable patch we’d grow potatoes, carrots, courgettes and so many other vegetables. Nestled in between our fruit and vegetable patch we would have the Step2 Picnic Play Table.
After picking some fruit I’d love to sit our girls down at this picnic table with a parasol hole for an umbrella so we could make a refreshingly, delicious fruit salad together using a garden tablecloth from Simply Tablecloths, and then retreat to our Step2 Play Up Picnic Cottage where we would sit and enjoy our delicious snack together.
Once we’ve filled our tummies it would be time to let off some steam and I can just imagine our twins running around this pretty cottage, playing peekaboo and having fun pretending to cook and wash up! 
There’s enough room for them both to play in. Suitable from 18 months+ it includes a kitchen area with counter top and sink plus a post through mail box and electronic doorbell.
Our girls are 20 months old and one of their favourite games is pretending to cook and they often use their toy teapot to pour themselves an imaginary cup of tea so this cottage would help to fuel their imagination further. 
I also love that it comes complete with fun colourful stickers so we can all enjoy personalising this cottage our way, even that does mean half the stickers end up upside down!
Moving on and I’d love to have an active, almost gym like area of our garden. We would have to have a TP Toys Early Fun Trampoline.

I’m forever holding M’s hands whilst she bounces up and down on the sofa at home so this trampoline would make a very welcome addition to our garden and it can even be used indoors.
It comes complete with protective pads covering the frame to keep children extra safe during playtime. As well as being great fun it also helps to improve the balance and standing skills of babies from just 12 months old.
In this section of the garden we would also have a Step2 Play Up Teeter Totter.
Step2 Play Up Teeter Totter
This teeter totter is great for teaching our girls all about working together and I’m sure that they would have great fun sitting on this together.
During the summer months we would have a water section to our garden which would include this Step2 Big Splash Waterpark.


In summer just gone we were always in our garden on hot sunny days. We’d have the paddling pool out and the girls would play for hours with their sand and water table.
I’ve not yet put sand in it because I think our girls would probably just try to eat it, but they both enjoy splashing about in the water so this table would ensure lots more watery fun!
I love that it’s not just a table as it has a waterslide and a water wheel, plus a unique catapult diving board which flips the swimmers into the pool. It also comes with a fun 7 piece accessory set.
Of course any watery play area wouldn’t be complete without it’s sandy counterpart and so I would love to have a Step2 Play and Store Sandbox for our girls.

I love this sandbox because it’s big enough for both our girls to play in plus when they’ve finished playing with it you can cover it up with the lid.
Last but not least is the classic swing and this TP Toys Double Giant Swing Frame with TP Toys Junior Swing Seat would make the perfect addition to our garden.
TP Toys Double Giant Swing Frame
TP Toys Junior Swing Seat
When we go to the park most of R and M’s time is spent on the swings! They love them and they’re quite brave because the higher you push them the louder they laugh!
‘This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition’

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