Lego Dream House

We were recently sent some Lego to help us build our dream house as part of a competition being run by Ocean Finance. Our twins are three and a half years old and absolutely love playing with Lego. They have a few Lego sets already such as a farm and a train set too. I asked them to build a house using their Lego and with a little help from their big brother, this is what they came up with. As you can see the house is multi-coloured to help make it stand out! The driveway is adorned with flowers and… [Read More]

My Dream Duvet Day

Before I had children I would happily stay in bed for most of the morning! I wouldn’t emerge until around 11am! This post is an entry into a competition run by Eve Mattress to win a mattress.  My dream duvet day would start with me waking up in our beautiful, comfortable super king size bed. That is of course after a full nights uninterrupted sleep!  I would wake up at my own pace in a leisurely way! I’d probably stay snuggled up under the duvet for a while maybe catching up with what’s going on my social media feeds or… [Read More]

My Dream Living Room

I don’t own my home, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want my dream living room to look like. We’re renting at the moment, so I’m reluctant to spend money on our current home, as my husband and I hope to be able to afford our own home by the end of this year. I want colour! Lots of colour! Here are some of my favourite pieces! Top left: Etsy £1,970. Top Middle: Etsy £1,576. Top Left: Etsy £795. Bottom left: Etsy £2,121. Bottom right: Etsy £1,321 I love this style of furniture! The Chesterfield Sofa… [Read More]

The interior designer inside of me!

Oh, how I long to own my own home! Nothing big or too fancy! Nothing too posh or too frumpy! I dream of my dream home and this little voice inside of me screams out all these wonderful designs and art that will adorn my walls! A country style kitchen with plenty of storage, but not too much that it looks cluttered.  Space saving units and definitely a breakfast bar.  A dishwasher that doesn’t look like a dishwasher. A washing machine with a tumble dryer and a sink with those taps with hand sensors on so you don’t have to… [Read More]

Our Dream Garden

We love summer time here in our home, but to us playing in the garden is an all year round activity. The picture above was taken one cold afternoon in our garden. Our twins love running around barefoot in the summer and come winter we’ll wrap them up warm and kick a ball about! We bought a small activity frame for our girls to play on in the garden, but as they get older I would love to transform our garden into a more fun play area for them. My dream garden would include the following   An area for… [Read More]