My Dream Living Room

Good to be Home Dream Room Competition

I don’t own my home, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want my dream living room to look like.

We’re renting at the moment, so I’m reluctant to spend money on our current home, as my husband and I hope to be able to afford our own home by the end of this year.

I want colour! Lots of colour!

Here are some of my favourite pieces!

Top left: Etsy £1,970. Top Middle: Etsy £1,576. Top Left: Etsy £795. Bottom left: Etsy £2,121. Bottom right: Etsy £1,321

I love this style of furniture! The Chesterfield Sofa on the bottom right is my favourite. I love the contrast of the bright colours with the bold, block of black for the seat cushions. These big sofa’s are great for families because they’re so spacious which means there is plenty of room for family cuddles, but also means that when the kids are in bed, mummy and daddy can cuddle on the sofa too!

Top left: Etsy Cushion Covers £27.00 Top middle: Etsy Sign £17.00 Top right: Etsy Hanging Light £78.00 Bottom left: Etsy Basket £20.00 Bottom middle: Etsy Rug £215.00  Bottom right: Etsy Glass Door Knob £4.00
A few items to add character such as the colourful hanging light or chandelier and the blue, glass door knob really help to show that thought has gone into the complete look of the room. 
I think the cushions would look with the sofas, along with the colourful rug. I also love the basket which I would use to store bits and bobs!
Top left: Etsy Bureau £159.00 Second Top Row: Etsy Door Handle £12.00 Middle: Etsy Magazine Stand Far right: Etsy Tulip Light Fixture £39.00 Bottom left: Etsy Table£121.00

When it comes to storage I need plenty! I think the table (bottom left) is a great storage solution. The table looks rustic, it has character and personality, but it also has cute storage baskets underneath which would be perfect for keeping toys and books safe.

The bureau is something that I have always wanted. I love writing and the whole romantic look of this bureau really helps to add a little mystery to the room, as it’s not as colourful, but it’s still a beautiful item.

I also absolutely adore the hanging tulip light fixture. It’s a bargain at just £39.00 and has a timeless, classic look and feel to it.

Now all I need is a house to unleash my creativity upon!

This blog post is an entry into a blog competition over at Little Stuff.

3 thoughts on “My Dream Living Room

  1. Those sofas are so colourful! They would cheer up even the rainiest of days and they would definitely make me smile if I was to walk into a room and see one of them!

    Good luck in the competition xx

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