The Undeniable Benefits of Adding Some Colour to Your Workplace 

Business owners often underestimate the need for good office decoration. The office design directly affects the mood of the workers and can affect business in many ways. Along with other things such as light, temperature, etc. the thing that has a profound impact on the employee’s moods is the colour scheme of the office place. Recent studies on the colour psychology have revealed some interesting facts. It has been seen that some colours influence the mood of the workers positively and make them more productivity while some colours do just the opposite. To help you choose the colours of your… [Read More]


A few days ago, one of my twin girls asked me what my favourite colour was. My first thought was purple, followed quickly by grey. The reason I like these colours is because they’re quite neutral and calming. In my living room I have two grey sofas that have colourful buttons on the back rest. In my bedroom, I have a purple throw over the bed. After my daughter had asked me this question, I actually wondered what our favourite colours say about ourselves. I found this ebook online called ‘Colour Your Personality’ and I found it a really interesting read…. [Read More]

Calm, Colour, Create Magazine Review

With the rise in popularity of adult colouring books lately I’ve often wondered what all the fuss is about. Sure, I love colouring in with my children and on occasion can get a little competitive, but having my own colouring book? I wasn’t so sure! Calm, Colour, Create is exactly that though. It’s an adult colouring book filled with 68 pages of intricate designs that are just waiting to be coloured in. It’s not like the colouring books that you can buy in supermarkets for children which are often flimsy with grainy paper. The laminated cover oozes adult sophistication and the… [Read More]

Saving Money When Decorating your Home

Saving money when decorating your home is pretty simple, provided you follow some clear guidelines. It’s important to be realistic about what you want to do and the level of your skills. Think carefully about the areas of your home which require the most attention. Perhaps you want to start with the first area that guests will see when they walk through your door, or refresh your bedroom or kitchen. Whichever room you decide to focus on, think about how long the project might take and prepare yourself for potential challenges and delays. Courtesy of While you may find… [Read More]

My Dream Living Room

I don’t own my home, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want my dream living room to look like. We’re renting at the moment, so I’m reluctant to spend money on our current home, as my husband and I hope to be able to afford our own home by the end of this year. I want colour! Lots of colour! Here are some of my favourite pieces! Top left: Etsy £1,970. Top Middle: Etsy £1,576. Top Left: Etsy £795. Bottom left: Etsy £2,121. Bottom right: Etsy £1,321 I love this style of furniture! The Chesterfield Sofa… [Read More]

Decorating your babies nursery

When the time comes to decorate your babies nursery, you’ll find that there is quite a lot to think about. From the décor to the paint to furniture and lighting, what do you really need? Theme The first thing my husband and I thought about when decorating our twin girls nursery was the colour. I knew that I wanted the room to be pink. But we did we want a theme such a princesses, fairies or teddy bears? We decided to keep it quite simple. So we bought two different shades of pink and painted one wall slighter darker than… [Read More]

Simply Red Christmas Nails

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought it was about time that I did a Christmas Nail tutorial. Growing up I was always painting my finger nails, like many other teenage girls, and before our twins were born I embarked on a nail course. Although I wasn’t able to finish the course, creating beautiful, long lasting nails is still something I enjoy doing. Here I will share with you a simple festive Christmas nail look which I call ‘Simply Red.’ 1. Ensure your nails are clean by removing any old nail varnish and grime. Use an acetone free nail varnish remover… [Read More]