A few days ago, one of my twin girls asked me what my favourite colour was. My first thought was purple, followed quickly by grey.

The reason I like these colours is because they’re quite neutral and calming. In my living room I have two grey sofas that have colourful buttons on the back rest. In my bedroom, I have a purple throw over the bed.

After my daughter had asked me this question, I actually wondered what our favourite colours say about ourselves. I found this ebook online called ‘Colour Your Personality’ and I found it a really interesting read.

Under ‘Grey’ it says:

Grey is a reliable colour; you can’t go too wrong with it. It’s the same for you as a person. You’re reliable, but sometimes a bit scared of being the centre of attention. You’d much rather fade into the background. Grey is also the colour of compromise. It shows that you can be indecisive, and would rather sit on the fence than make any big decisions. You’re mostly a calm person who likes to be in control of a situation. Sometimes you can be a little bit too serious, but your fun side comes out when you’re with your best friends.

Under ‘Purple’ it says:

If purple is the colour you use most often in your home, it can demonstrate you’re organised, and everything at home has a place where it belongs. You like to have structure, which means that routine is important to you if you want to keep stress levels low. You’re a person with a creative mind, and your home is an inspiration to other people. They’re always asking where you got that lamp from, or that rug. You’re extremely house proud.

I can really relate to both of these and I do find truth in a lot of it.

In my bedroom I like to have a colour scheme and this website,, has lots of choice available.

I’d love to know what your favourite colour is and if the description in the ebook relates to you. Let me know in the comments below.

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