A few days ago, one of my twin girls asked me what my favourite colour was. My first thought was purple, followed quickly by grey. The reason I like these colours is because they’re quite neutral and calming. In my living room I have two grey sofas that have colourful buttons on the back rest. In my bedroom, I have a purple throw over the bed. After my daughter had asked me this question, I actually wondered what our favourite colours say about ourselves. I found this ebook online called ‘Colour Your Personality’ and I found it a really interesting read…. [Read More]

Home, Neat Home: Time To Clean Up Your Design

Picture Source There’s nothing more unsettling than a home that looks unwelcoming and shabby. And we’re not talking about “shabby chic” here – we’re talking about shabby. Whether it’s the result of your home getting old or poor design choices you’ve made in the past, it’s time to stop making excuses for your aesthetically displeasing home. If you’re not happy with the way your humble abode looks then you need to make some changes. Everybody should feel comfortable in their own house. More importantly, everybody should be house-proud (to some extent). You don’t need to devote your life to cleaning… [Read More]

Why a Blog’s Design Is More Important Than You’d Think

When it comes to blogging, the most important thing is the content…right? Well actually, while the words you right are of course important they’re not the only thing people will be looking at when they click onto your blog. A nice layout and beautiful pictures will help to entice the reader, or at the very least won’t put them off, so they go elsewhere! Here’s why your blog’s design and the way it looks on the page is more important than you might think. Image source Makes You Look More Professional A blog that’s been well designed and is nicely… [Read More]

Planning a new bedroom design

When planning a new bedroom design for the newest member of your family can be tough, there’s a lot to think about. And with twins, there’s twice as much to worry about! It’s important to make the most of the space you have, so that there’s still enough room for two to play, that the design lasts them a while, and of course, that you don’t go bonkers trying to organise it all.  A Blank Canvas A great option when designing a room to suit two is to keep the base colour simple. Whether it’s a plain pastel tone, or simply a whitewashed white, it… [Read More]

Top 10 Interior Design Blogs for 2016

If you’re looking for interior design inspiration, there’s no better hunting ground than blogs. The bloggers, often design journalists or stylists, have done all the hard work for us, sourcing the best of new ideas and products around. They range from slick blogs by top designers and magazines to more eclectic collections written by people with a passion for home interiors. Some of these are very practical and budget-conscious, while others are very much high-end and aspirational. Clever Clicker have compiled the top 10 to take a look at, whether you’re looking for the latest trends or just some ideas to brighten… [Read More]

Interior design tips to help your children get a good night’s sleep

Your child’s bedroom is primarily a space in which they should be able to get a good night’s sleep. For many children (and their parents), however, it’s also a highly personal space where young minds seek to investigate, experiment and explore broader horizons. Designing a bedroom for your children that prioritizes the value of a great sleeping experience offers some interesting challenges when it comes to creating a private living space where they will also enjoy playing and learning.   Décor for kids   While adult bedrooms generally work best when decorated in soft, muted colors that are conducive to… [Read More]

Interior design and lighting to suit a young family

Your indoor lighting is an important element of your household’s interior design and it can turn a young family’s home into a lively and energized place. In order for it all look good you need to make use of a mixture of large decorative lights, and characterless, more practical lights. The Living Room Comfort-Feel  If you want to provide your living room with that cozy welcoming feeling for yourself and your children after a hard day of work and games respectively, the best type of lights you can use is a traditional covered lamp. A great choice would be this from lampcommerce. … [Read More]

The interior designer inside of me!

Oh, how I long to own my own home! Nothing big or too fancy! Nothing too posh or too frumpy! I dream of my dream home and this little voice inside of me screams out all these wonderful designs and art that will adorn my walls! A country style kitchen with plenty of storage, but not too much that it looks cluttered.  Space saving units and definitely a breakfast bar.  A dishwasher that doesn’t look like a dishwasher. A washing machine with a tumble dryer and a sink with those taps with hand sensors on so you don’t have to… [Read More]

Decorating your babies nursery

When the time comes to decorate your babies nursery, you’ll find that there is quite a lot to think about. From the décor to the paint to furniture and lighting, what do you really need? Theme The first thing my husband and I thought about when decorating our twin girls nursery was the colour. I knew that I wanted the room to be pink. But we did we want a theme such a princesses, fairies or teddy bears? We decided to keep it quite simple. So we bought two different shades of pink and painted one wall slighter darker than… [Read More]

Simply Red Christmas Nails

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought it was about time that I did a Christmas Nail tutorial. Growing up I was always painting my finger nails, like many other teenage girls, and before our twins were born I embarked on a nail course. Although I wasn’t able to finish the course, creating beautiful, long lasting nails is still something I enjoy doing. Here I will share with you a simple festive Christmas nail look which I call ‘Simply Red.’ 1. Ensure your nails are clean by removing any old nail varnish and grime. Use an acetone free nail varnish remover… [Read More]