I’m the Vuelio number 10 Mummy Blogger in the UK!

Many moons ago, well three years ago to be exact, my husband, Nigel, who blogs at DIY Daddy was named the number 10 Daddy Blogger in the UK by Vuelio. Since then he’s been named in the Top 10 UK Daddy Bloggers for three years in a row reaching the height of number two in 2017. To say I was a tad envious is an understatement! Of course I was also very pleased for him too! Now, however, it’s my turn! Last week Vuelio announced their Top 10 Mummy Bloggers in the UK for 2019, and I’m so pleased to… [Read More]

3 Ways To Master The Art Of Blog Promotion

The first step to building a successful blog is getting readers, which is often easier said than done. It’s not hard to put out a few posts on social media and get a few followers, but people struggle to move beyond that and build a big readership. That’s usually because people get the wrong idea about blogging, they think that it’s easy and anybody can do it. It’s true that anybody can start a blog but not everybody can make it successful because blog promotion is a specific skill that you have to practice if you’re going to get it… [Read More]

Adopting a business mindset when blogging

Creating a successful blog is difficult because it’s so easy to get into blogging. Using a site such as WordPress, anyone can create their own blog. So, it’s a massively saturated marketplace. But that doesn’t mean every blogger is successful. In fact, it’s very difficult to build up a following. How many blog posts have you seen with 0 likes, shares, or comments? That’s quite commong in the blogging world. If you want to build up a loyal following of dedicated readers then you need to develop a unique website. The key is to take an entrepreneurial approach to running… [Read More]

The Truth about being a Blogging Couple

As many of our regular readers know, my husband and I are what is known as a ‘blogging couple’. Obviously, this is my blog, but did you know that my husband also blogs? His blog, DIY Daddy, started back in September 2014, and I started blogging back in June 2012, shortly after the birth of our twin girls. I started blogging as a way to document our children’s lives, but it was to predominantly share our IVF journey with others. I never thought that six years later, I’d still be blogging, let alone that my husband would also have his… [Read More]

Is nothing off limits when you’re a blogger?

Being a blogger means that I share a lot of what goes on in my life online with my readers. The same can be said for pretty much all parenting and lifestyle bloggers. This is nothing new. Celebrities have been doing this for years, and whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing so, in fact I quite enjoy reading what other people get up to, I do think that there is a limit to what should be shared online. In a previous blog post from last week, How will the children whose mums share their lives online feel when they… [Read More]

How will the children whose mums share every moment of their lives online feel when they grow up?

Ooo, now this is an interesting topic to cover! I’ve previously written about ‘sharenting‘ – the art of sharing way too many photos of your children online, and it seems that this particular trend is on the rise. We’re all friends with them. The mum on Facebook who shares every milestone her child reaches. The proud dad posting pictures of their child’s first attempt at walking or their child’s first night without a nappy. I think we’re all guilty of over-sharing at some point in our lives, whether that be online or in person. I know I certainly am, but… [Read More]

Blogging B*tches

I love a good rant. Who doesn’t? However, as a blogger, I find it fascinating when bloggers call other bloggers out. This doesn’t just apply to female bloggers. Oh no! Male bloggers are just as bad and just as bitchy as us ladies, if not more so at times! Yes, that’s right, I’m calling time! Time on the bitchiness! If you’re a blogger, social media influencer, online celebrity, whatever you want to call yourself, as nowadays bloggers call themselves all sorts to try and get ahead. “So you’re a professional blogger….ok then…moving on swiftly…” We love a moan! The bitchier,… [Read More]

That Friday Linky

It’s Friday again, which means it’s That Friday Linky time again! Please have a quick read of the info below and join in! As always we ask that you link up your favourite post of the week. Please don’t link up your entire blog, just one specific post that you’d like to share with us all. Linky’s are a great way to find new blogs to read, discover new content and they’re also a great way to raise your blogs profile. Myself and my husband, Nigel, who blogs at DIY Daddy are your hosts. If you’d like us to retweet your… [Read More]

More Than A Hobby: Approach Blogging Like A Passion

Blogging is a way for anyone, anywhere in the world to share their deepest darkest, and mundane everyday-type of thoughts, with the rest of the world. It’s not quite like writing articles, or writing as if you are a journalist. It’s more so, sharing tips and tricks, or just your thoughts on a web page, for all of the world to see. It’s an incredibly fluid and open platform which allows you to help complete strangers improve their life and vice versa. It’s also a long term commitment if you want to be successful at it. You’ve got to learn… [Read More]

Is it wrong to video our kids for ‘likes’?


Every parent at some point or another has filmed their kids doing something. Whether that be the first time they smiled or the first time they said ‘mummy’. Maybe you caught their first steps on camera or simply want to capture special occasions such as birthdays and Christmases on video for friends and family who can’t spend the day with you to watch later. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with filming your children. You may also decide to share these videos on social media. I mean, who doesn’t want to show their online friends and family these treasured moments? However, when… [Read More]