Is nothing off limits when you’re a blogger?

Being a blogger means that I share a lot of what goes on in my life online with my readers.

The same can be said for pretty much all parenting and lifestyle bloggers. This is nothing new.

Celebrities have been doing this for years, and whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing so, in fact I quite enjoy reading what other people get up to, I do think that there is a limit to what should be shared online.

In a previous blog post from last week, How will the children whose mums share their lives online feel when they grow up?, I have to ask myself how parents come to the conclusion that certain pictures are acceptable to be shared online.

Last week I saw a number of different pictures shared by bloggers of their children that I thought shouldn’t be shared so publicly. I’d even question sharing them on their own private, personal accounts.

The first image was of a child in the bath. Yes, my kids look super cute in the bath surrounded by bubbles, but I wouldn’t ever think to capture the moment on camera, and then share it online for everyone to see.

Pictures of children half-dressed or fully nude, are just a no no.

The second image was of a child crying. Clearly upset for some reason, and rather than comfort their child, their parent decided it would be a good photo opportunity, so grabbed their smart phone and took their picture before quickly posting it online.

This I really don’t understand. Not only that, but what message are we sending to our children with these actions?

I’ll be honest and admit that when I first started blogging and signed up to various social media channels, I was pretty clueless. I’d share lots of pictures of my children online, never in the bath or upset though, however nowadays I just know not to do this.

If I do share a picture of my children, it’s usually a very carefully chosen one, in which all or part of their faces are hidden.

Sharing these pictures of your upset child or child in the bath, might get you some laughs and likes from people online, but is it really worth it? Do those likes, funny comments and interactions somehow validate you as a person? Make you feel popular, liked or loved? Ask yourself, is it worth it when in 20 years time, your child will be grown up and that picture is still floating around on the internet?

Is it really worth sharing a picture of your child upset or in the bath for likes? Come on, I think we can all do better than that!

What do you think?


One thought on “Is nothing off limits when you’re a blogger?

  1. I’m not a parent but I totally agree with you. Apart from the embarrassment as these children get older, there are too many “iffy” people online. And who knows whose hands those photos will fall into and how they may be used.

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