5 Tips to taking the best photos with iphone

Taking the perfect shot, especially with your phone does not come easy. You will probably be forced to takes a few pictures before get a good shot. This explains why people will hire professional photographers for important events. Iphones are among the best brand of phones in the market, meaning that their cameras are among the best. However, some people still go through trouble to get the perfect photos even when using an iphone. The following are some tricks and tips you can use to get the perfect iphone shot; Source:Pexels Experiment with other apps It is undeniable that iphones… [Read More]

Capturing your babies first moments

Many people who know my husband and I will know that our children were born premature. Our consultant made the decision when I was 34 weeks pregnant that it was time for our babies to be born. My husband and I knew quite early on in the pregnancy that the chances of our twins being born early was high. This is because twin two’s growth had started slowing down, and eventually she stopped growing altogether. When our twins were born six weeks early, they weighed 4lb3 and 2lb11. M, the smaller of two, was absolutely fine. Small, yes, incredibly small,… [Read More]

Is nothing off limits when you’re a blogger?

Being a blogger means that I share a lot of what goes on in my life online with my readers. The same can be said for pretty much all parenting and lifestyle bloggers. This is nothing new. Celebrities have been doing this for years, and whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing so, in fact I quite enjoy reading what other people get up to, I do think that there is a limit to what should be shared online. In a previous blog post from last week, How will the children whose mums share their lives online feel when they… [Read More]

Why are photos so important?

A few weeks ago I was watching a film on TV. One particular scene showed a forest fire moving quickly towards a village. People were frantically collecting their belongings and I started thinking about what items I would save first if I had to quickly leave home for whatever reason. Yes, I know, pretty random thing to think about, but there you go! My mind thinks strange things now and again! Anyway, obviously after my children and husband, in terms of belongings, the first things I’d grab would have to be our photo albums. They’re full of photos from when… [Read More]

Are you an over-sharent?

A few weeks ago my husband and I attended parents evening at our girls school. On the way out, my husband picked up a copy of a magazine called ‘Digital Parenting‘. Having never heard of this publication before, I was curious to see what it was all about. As it happens, it’s pretty much summed up by its name! The magazine covers a range of topics from cyber-bullying, fake news and screen time. One article I came across is called ‘Are you an over-sharent?’ I instantly felt a slight pang of guilt. I mean I have been known to share… [Read More]

My Greatest Internet Fear

This post is my entry into the Check and Secure challenge. For more advice on family safety online, see Mums on Security. Dear Future R and M,I am writing this letter to you now that you are two years old. I know in a few years time, you will both be internet experts because this is the age that you are growing up in. A world full of gadgets and apps and smart phones. Technology has developed so much since I was a child. I remember when I was a teenager, my sister and I got our very first computer. It was huge… [Read More]

Protecting Your Children Online

Image courtesy of Clare Bloomfield/Freedigitalphotos.net Online security has always been a hot topic to me and now that I have children it’s even more important than ever to me.  I’m staggered at times by the amount of information people put online about themselves. Phone numbers, email addresses, dates of births, home addresses, the list is endless. This sort of information should be kept private and safe at all times, especially when using social media sites.  I’m not against the use of social media. In fact one of my favourite social media sites is Twitter. I love it! It’s easy to… [Read More]