Why are photos so important?

A few weeks ago I was watching a film on TV. One particular scene showed a forest fire moving quickly towards a village.

People were frantically collecting their belongings and I started thinking about what items I would save first if I had to quickly leave home for whatever reason. Yes, I know, pretty random thing to think about, but there you go! My mind thinks strange things now and again!

Anyway, obviously after my children and husband, in terms of belongings, the first things I’d grab would have to be our photo albums.

They’re full of photos from when our twins were born and their stay in the neonatal unit, right up until present day. Every milestone, birthday, Christmas, special occasion, funny memory, holiday photos etc are stored in those photo albums.

There’s also photos of my mum and childhood, as well as photos of my husband and his childhood too.

Without those photos, I’d have nothing to show my children about who I am, where I grew up and what my mum looked like. Of course, I’d have my memories, but there’s nothing quite like a photograph to instantly share a memory with someone.

To me photos are important. They capture a moment in time that would other wise be forgotten. At times, my girls tell me off for taking pictures of them, but when I take what I call ‘sneaky’ photos, I happen to capture some wonderful moments. Like a photo of one our twins helping their Nanna to put her slippers on, or of our twins playing games with their siblings.

Sometimes the best photos aren’t posed. They’re the natural ones that capture a raw, unfiltered moment of life.

Yes, I have expensive items that I could save, but I’d much rather have my photos. Those can never be replaced.

One thought on “Why are photos so important?

  1. my albums would be one of the first things I grabbed also. I stopped making them and finally embraced storing my pics digitally, but like you say, it really would be impossible to replace these older ones. I know lots of people scan their old pics into digital form for just this reason, but I have a hard time finding the time or motivation for that!

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