10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was recently tagged in the 10 Things That Make Me Happy tag by Bound For Somewhere. You can read her post here. So without further ado, and in no particular order here are 10 things that make me happy. 1. My husband and children. Yes, it’s a cliche and it’s the ‘obvious answer’ that most likely everyone will say, but it’s true. Without these crazies, I’d actually be pretty unhappy. Hubby drives me crazy with his constant moving of things around and don’t even get me started on his snoring, but I do love him and he does make… [Read More]

Capturing your babies first moments

Many people who know my husband and I will know that our children were born premature. Our consultant made the decision when I was 34 weeks pregnant that it was time for our babies to be born. My husband and I knew quite early on in the pregnancy that the chances of our twins being born early was high. This is because twin two’s growth had started slowing down, and eventually she stopped growing altogether. When our twins were born six weeks early, they weighed 4lb3 and 2lb11. M, the smaller of two, was absolutely fine. Small, yes, incredibly small,… [Read More]

Why are photos so important?

A few weeks ago I was watching a film on TV. One particular scene showed a forest fire moving quickly towards a village. People were frantically collecting their belongings and I started thinking about what items I would save first if I had to quickly leave home for whatever reason. Yes, I know, pretty random thing to think about, but there you go! My mind thinks strange things now and again! Anyway, obviously after my children and husband, in terms of belongings, the first things I’d grab would have to be our photo albums. They’re full of photos from when… [Read More]

The fading of time. A poignant post about losing mum to cancer and reflecting on memories that are fading all too fast…

May of this year marks 12 years since mums passing. She had ovarian cancer and died when she was just 50 years old. My sister and I were 18. It’s hard to think about what life would be like now if mum was still around. Actually, it’s pretty unbearable to think about. However I do often find myself thinking up things that I think we might have done together. We’d go shopping and try on ridiculous outfits then laugh at one another. We’d enjoy a spot of lunch and have a chat about our lives. I might even ask her… [Read More]

My Precious Things

It’s funny how certain things can bring back fond memories of a specific time in your life. A few days ago I was looking through some old boxes that I’ve yet to unpack since moving into our home earlier this year, and I came across a ‘treasure trove’ of ‘precious things’ from my past. I’d initially been searching for some old running medals. Since I started running again last year, I was keen to keep all of my running medals and bibs together in a box. Mainly so that my girls can see them and cherish them, but also to… [Read More]

Camping Memories with Mum

I like to think that my childhood was a good one. My sister and I didn’t really want for anything. We had nice holidays, nice things and never went without. One of my fondest memories was when my mum took my sister and I camping with her friend and her daughter. We went to the Gower Peninsula. Three Cliffs Bay Caravan Park to be precise. It was beautiful. The view of the sandy beach with the three pointed cliffs, and the sound of the sea was very serene. It was like an adventure! When we arrived the first thing we… [Read More]

How will your children remember their childhood?

Childhood is a funny thing isn’t it. I mean you have no responsibilities, you don’t have to worry about paying bills or what to cook for tea, plus you’ve got your mum and dad to do pretty much everything for you. I often wonder what it’d be like to be a child growing up in today’s world as I believe it’s so very different to the world that I grew up in.   My memories of childhood mainly consist of playing in the garden with my sister, going out with my friends to the park or their houses and asking… [Read More]

My favourite songs of all times

It’s funny how a song can have such an impact on your life. You may be sat in your car, bedroom or walking down an aisle in a supermarket when your favourite song starts to play and suddenly you’re taken back in time to one of your favourite moments. All because of a song. Whether or not the lyrics are relevant is irrelevant because just the sound of the guitar strumming or the singers voice can bring back many fond memories. I have a number of songs that are special to me for various reasons. I don’t have a specific… [Read More]

I’m scared I’ll forget mum

It’s 11.30pm. Everyone is in bed except me. I stayed up late to watch the end of a film, but now that’s finished I find my mind going into overdrive.  I’m not sure why now or what’s made me think of her, but I find myself thinking of my mum. I feel an urge to be close to her, but that’s impossible because she died almost 11 years ago.  I turn off the light in the living room, kitchen and bathroom, then head into the spare bedroom downstairs. I open my jewellery box and gaze at the unopened ring boxes… [Read More]

How will your children remember you?

I remember my child hood in many different ways. I have some quite specific memories and other memories which are hazy. The main thing I do remember about my childhood is that it was a happy one for the majority. I grew up in a nice area, in a lovely house with a beautiful garden. We lived opposite our school, on the same road as the shops in our little village and the park was just around the corner. We had an apple tree in the back garden which my sister and I would climb every summer. A large garage… [Read More]