10 Things That Make Me Happy

June 12, 2018

I was recently tagged in the 10 Things That Make Me Happy tag by Bound For Somewhere. You can read her post here.

So without further ado, and in no particular order here are 10 things that make me happy.

1. My husband and children. Yes, it’s a cliche and it’s the ‘obvious answer’ that most likely everyone will say, but it’s true. Without these crazies, I’d actually be pretty unhappy. Hubby drives me crazy with his constant moving of things around and don’t even get me started on his snoring, but I do love him and he does make me very happy. I’m one lucky lady, and I know I have met my soulmate. Like most children, our twins argue over the pettiest of the things, they’re constantly saying that they’re hungry or bored, but they’re my world. Everything I do, I do for them, and at the end of the day when they’re sleeping peacefully (in our bed (insert eye roll emoji here)), I know that I would do anything for them.

2. Well, I can’t write about the things that make me happy without mentioning our pet rabbit, Snuggles. Whilst he’s not the most affectionate of rabbits, he does make me laugh, and I do adore him. He may get grumpy first thing in the morning if I’m taking too long to bring him his breakfast. He may jump and growl at me for not bringing enough coriander for him to eat, but when he runs up to you for a stroke or when he rubs his chin on your leg, I must admit it makes me happy! The wonderful power of a little ball of fur!

3. Running! Where would I be without running? Well, most likely sat on my sofa eating crisps telling myself that I’ll restart the healthy tomorrow! In all seriousness though since I started running back in March 2017, I’ve felt so much happier and confident with myself. Not just with the way I look. I’m happier. I have more energy and I feel strong physically and mentally. Running is that little bit of me time that I look forward to each week, and it’s also a chance for me to set myself new challenges. When I first started running those challenges were simple ones such as running to the next lamppost and then the next etc, then it was running 5k, then 10k, then a half marathon, and now I’m preparing to run the London Marathon next year! Who would have thought it!

4. Food. Well, it’s true. Food does make me happy! I enjoy cooking, but I openly admit I don’t do enough of it. I’m prone to ready meals and takeaways once a week, but it’s all about balance isn’t it!

5. Sleep! You just can’t beat a good nights sleep, and what’s even better is when hubby lets me have a lie in! As mentioned above, he does snore so I do have to sleep with earplugs on, plus an eye mask because I need complete darkness to sleep, but when I do get a good nights sleep, it’s heavenly!

6. Disneyland Paris! It’d be wrong of me to say that Disneyland Paris is my happy place, because my happy place is my home, but Disneyland Paris is a very close second! You just can’t beat it! The magic of staying in the Disneyland Hotel, meeting all of the characters, watching the shows, parades, enjoying the rides and most of all watching the expressions on my children’s faces when they meet their favourite characters! Yup, Disneyland Paris makes me happy!

7. Home. Its the best place on earth! It’s where I feel safe and happy. No matter how I’m feeling, home always makes me happy.

8. My friends. Whilst we don’t see enough of each other, my friends make me happy. I remember when our girls were around one year old, I was desperate to have some mummy friends. I felt lonely and just wanted to someone to talk to. Five years later and my friends are still by side. Whether it’s a drink or meal out, evening in with the kids in bed, or just a play in the park, my friends make me happy.

9. Spontaneous trips and days out. I love nothing more than an unplanned day out! It could be somewhere local, or somewhere further afield, but a spontaneous day out is like an adventure and I love it!

10. Finally my memories make me happy. Memories of my mum, who passed away when I was 18. Whilst they’re far and few between, they’re precious to me. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.

So those are my 10 things that make me happy. Now it’s your turn to tell me! What 10 things make you happy?


  • singdong

    June 12, 2018 at 11:24 am

    I also like Spontaneous trips and days out these are my favorite things also just got happy to read this blog.

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