Rainy Day Camping Activities for Children

Last month we spent a wonderful weekend glamping down in Somerset. You can read my full review of our stay at Somerset Yurts here. We arrived in glorious sunshine on the Friday evening, but by Saturday morning rain was in the air. The day was a mixture of showers and sunshine and by the evening the rain had gotten pretty heavy. Not one to let rain dampen our experience we embraced it for what it was and made the most of our weekend. Although we were glamping, not camping, these rainy day activities can be used for either. We do… [Read More]

Everything you need to know about planning your first family camping trip

Planning your first family camping trip can be a daunting task. It certainly was for me. I spent hours researching tents, footprints, finding out what SIMs are, looking for the best stove and then of course searching online for the easiest family camping recipes, amongst other things. When you’re just starting out the list of things you need to research feels endless. Thankfully there’s lots of information freely available online and plenty of family camping Facebook groups filled with helpful advice. Doing your own research can be incredibly time consuming. That’s why I thought I’d put a guide together of… [Read More]

Somerset Yurts Review: The Freedom To Explore

Nestled on a working Dairy Farm in the beautiful Quantock Hills, Somerset Yurts offers its guests the chance to unwind, relax and truly get back to nature. Children are free to explore the fields and climb the hay bales whilst mum and dad sit back and relax on the deck of their beautiful, authentic, traditional Mongolian yurt (or Gers as they’re called in Mongolia!). Owned by Emma and Mark, Somerset Yurts offers families, couples, groups and individuals a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Check out the short video below of our time at Somerset Yurts…. [Read More]

Camping, Festivals and Days Out. A Summer Spent Outdoors

This year my husband and I have decided that we’d like to spend as much time as possible outdoors as a family. With so many young people spending the majority of their time indoors on their phones or games consoles, we’re trying our very best to encourage our children to embrace the great outdoors. Being outdoors has so many wonderful benefits from improvements in mental health and well-being, as well as physical benefits such as improved blood pressure and of course the chance to exercise. Of course we can’t always be outdoors when the weather is really bad, but a… [Read More]

Family Camping Essentials and Tips

This year we’re planning our very first camping trip. It’s something we’re all very excited about! I have fond memories of camping from when I was a child. It’s something we used to do fairly often. Our twins are seven years old and we’re yet to take them camping, but that’s all about to change this year! The thing is though, I know nothing about camping other than we’ll need a tent, sleeping bags, something to cook on and that’s about it! I recently turned to the blogging community to ask them for their help! In particular I wanted to… [Read More]

Family Camping Holidays #AD

This year I’m making a big effort to get back to nature, to be more environmentally friendly and to get back to basics. As mentioned in my previous post, 2019: The Year of Family Camping Holidays, I’m planning on having lots of little adventures throughout the year with my family. We normally go abroad on holiday once a year. Our chosen destination is usually Spain or Disneyland! These types of holidays are wonderful and so much fun. We’ve created so many memories on these types of holidays, but the problem is they’re so expensive. I also wonder if my husband… [Read More]

2019: The Year of Family Camping Holidays

As per the title of this post, 2019 is going to be the year that we as a family will embrace camping! I have fond memories of camping when I was a child. I remember my parents having a practise run in the garden of putting the tent up, taking it down and packing it all away again. In all fairness it was a lovely big tent. I don’t recall how long it took to put up. My sister and I were probably off playing and running around whilst out parents took on the tent building challenge! I don’t even… [Read More]

Top Tips When Going Camping With Children

Camping should be fun and exciting, and rightly so. Children go to summer camps in most Western countries. Adults and teenagers also want to participate in such activities. Many interesting and fun activities are organized for these camp trips. In hot climates, camping usually takes place in the cooler months, and summer riverbank campsites are a popular choice for schools. Children always look up to going camping and they expect to have a lot of fun. They value happy memories of these camping activities. Here are tips you need to incorporate when going camping with children: First, make sure you… [Read More]

Camping Memories with Mum

I like to think that my childhood was a good one. My sister and I didn’t really want for anything. We had nice holidays, nice things and never went without. One of my fondest memories was when my mum took my sister and I camping with her friend and her daughter. We went to the Gower Peninsula. Three Cliffs Bay Caravan Park to be precise. It was beautiful. The view of the sandy beach with the three pointed cliffs, and the sound of the sea was very serene. It was like an adventure! When we arrived the first thing we… [Read More]