AD| Add a touch of Glamour to your Camping Trip with KooPower Fairy Lights

July 2, 2019

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I’ve written a lot recently about how we’re planning to go camping for the first time as a family this year. You can read all about my camping tips for first time family campers here.

To prepare ourselves for our first ever camping trip we’ve decided to take part in Wild Night Out. On Sunday June 29th, we joined other people across the UK who came together to have adventures outdoors, big and small. Our Wild Night Out was a family garden sleep out.

Yes, that’s right!

We put our tent up in the garden, toasted marshmallows and slept under the glow of the moon whilst looking up at the stars. Doesn’t it sound wonderful!

The thing about being outdoors is that the kids absolutely love it. The fresh air is good for us all, as is the exercise, but most importantly we get to spend time together as a family.

All too often we sit in front of the TV together. It’s an easy habit to slip into, but we have to remember that there’s a whole world out there to explore!

To ready ourselves for our Wild Night Out we had a go at putting our tent up in advance. Whilst doing so we decided to add a bit of magic to our tent by decorating it with some fairy lights from KooPower.

Our girls faces lit up when they saw how beautiful the tent looked at night with the fairy lights on them!

This set of 100 LED outdoor battery fairy lights with remote and timer costs just £9.99, and as I’m sure you’ll agree from looking at the photos below, they look pretty magical on our tent.

There are eight different modes from steady on, slow fade and combination to, in waves, slo go, chasing/flash, sequential and my most favourite of all, twinkle/flash.

The KooPower 100 LED battery-operated fairy lights are the perfect addition to any camping trip, whether that be in your own back garden, on a camp site or perhaps on a wild camping trip. They’re dust and waterproof to IP65 level which makes them suitable for use in conditions where dust, rain, spraying water, snow or frost are likely.

They even have a timing program (6 hours on, 18 hours off) which provides a set-and-forget operation.

I also really like that it comes with a wireless remote control for convenient operation. The fairy lights are perfect for your garden, for Christmas, weddings, parties, festivals, kitchen, bedroom, anywhere really!

We really like them our tent, but when we’re not camping we’ll bring them inside and use them in our girls bedroom.

What do you think of them? Would you bring fairy lights on a camping trip to add a bit of sparkle and glamour? Let me know in the comments below!

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