Somerset Yurts Review: The Freedom To Explore

Nestled on a working Dairy Farm in the beautiful Quantock Hills, Somerset Yurts offers its guests the chance to unwind, relax and truly get back to nature. Children are free to explore the fields and climb the hay bales whilst mum and dad sit back and relax on the deck of their beautiful, authentic, traditional Mongolian yurt (or Gers as they’re called in Mongolia!). Owned by Emma and Mark, Somerset Yurts offers families, couples, groups and individuals a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Check out the short video below of our time at Somerset Yurts…. [Read More]

Exploring Rock Pools at Rest Bay, Porthcawl

Last week I shared a post called 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4. Over the summer holidays, our girls and I will be trying to do as many of these as we can. Before we started, we were able to tick a number of the activities off that we’d already done. Once we’d done this, we had a look at what was left. The girls decided that they’d like to explore rock pools, so that’s exactly what we did the weekend before last. My husband and I were weighing up where was best to go and we decided on… [Read More]

It’s relentless, but hang in there!

Becoming a new parent is terrifying. You may have read lots of parenting books, asked your friends for advice and searched the Internet for information, but the first time you’re handed your new bundle of joy, everything you thought you knew about babies, goes straight out of the window. It’s nothing like they say it will be, and whatever approach you take may well work one day, but the next day the chances are it won’t work again. Babies needs are forever changing, from one minute to the next. They’ll go through so many ‘phases’ before they’ve even turned one,… [Read More]