Being five years old means…

I was stood in our home a few days ago listening to the sound of my five year old twins talking to one another, and it dawned on me that being five years old must be pretty amazing. Here’s why!

Children park

Being five years old means…

You don’t have to worry about leaving the tap running after brushing your teeth or washing your hands

It’s acceptable to use your hands to eat gravy covered broccoli from your plate without judgement

You can sing as loud as you want and dance as silly as you like, and everyone will think you’re cute

You can get away with shouting “Mum! I’m finished!” after you’ve done a poo

You can walk around with chocolate surrounding your mouth and no-one will think you’re a crazy person

You don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning or doing the washing up, yet for some reason all of these things appeal to you when you’re five years old. There’s something fun in doing the washing up, and hoovering up your sandwich crumbs that us grown-ups just don’t understand

You don’t have to make your own bed

You can walk around in your underwear

You can also walk around with pants on your head and socks on your hands, and everyone will just smile at you

Laughing at the sound and smell of your own farts is hilarious

Stretching your arms up into the air, high above your head means you want to be picked up

You can cry at the sight of a broken biscuit, because apparently broken biscuits can’t be eaten

You can wear a dress with leggings, socks and sandals, and somehow still look super cute

It’s ok to say inappropriate things really loudly about strangers – this actually happened in our local leisure centre’s changing room: “Mummy, that ladies boobies are really long!” Cue, embarrassed mum (me) hushing said child whilst smiling through gritted teeth!





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