The Must-Have Accessories For Your Dining Room

If you have a dining room in your home, then you should be thinking about how you can update the look of it over time. One of the best ways to improve your dining room without spending too much money is to add some accessories. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas on the must-have accessories for your dining room. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.  The Dining Table Of course, the most important piece in your dining room is going to be your dining room table. If you don’t… [Read More]

Redecorating a room using wall murals

My husband and I are always looking for new ways to redecorate our house quickly and easily. As we’re renting, we don’t want to spend too much money, but at the same time we want a great end result. That’s why wall murals are a good choice. I’d love to redecorate our living room. We have beautiful grey sofas with colourful buttons on, but the rest of our living room has remained untouched since we moved in over a year ago. While our storage unit and TV stand matches our sofas, the cream coloured walls and green patterned carpet definitely… [Read More]

Turning A Lame Room Into A Game Room

Picture Source Whether you’re living with a family or friends, there comes a point at which you realise something is missing from your home. You love your family or the buddies with whom you’re living, but when you come in from college to an uninspired student house or a long day at work to a manic household, sometimes you just want a room to which you can retreat to relax and actually have some fun. This doesn’t have to be a lonely room. In fact, it can be a fun family-centred room if that’s what you want. The point is… [Read More]

The Meeting Room aka The Toilet!

A few days ago I wandered into our bathroom to do my business, as you do, and before I’d even had a chance to sit down I was joined by not one, but both of my daughters! I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t get it. I mean when I’m in our living room with them, they can happily sit and play with one another without so much as a glance towards me to check if I’m still in the room, but for whatever reason, whenever I enter the toilet, it’s almost as though the girls and I have… [Read More]

My Favourite Dining Room Furniture Sets

We’ve just moved into our new house and that means we have a lot work to do to make our new house feel like a home. The bungalow we now live in is unfurnished, but we do have a lot of our own furniture.  What we’d really like though is some new dining room furniture. I’d like something modern, yet classic that will stand the test of time and be durable enough for every day family life. From looking online I’ve managed to whittle down some of my favourites pieces. 1. Penley oak stain extendable table and 4 chairs. £199.00… [Read More]

Bedroom Makeover with Hillarys

We were recently invited to take part in a bedroom makeover challenge by Hillarys. To take part we were given a £100 voucher along with some expert advice from interior stylist, Joanna Thornhill. Our bedroom was definitely needed a makeover. It was pretty dull to be honest. I like that our bedroom is minimal in that it just has a bed and some bedside cabinets in, but I wanted it to be more of a relaxing room rather just a room we slept in.  After sending pictures off to Joanna, this was the advice she gave us: 1. To aid… [Read More]

How to create a cozy country-style room

Distressed dressing tables, log fires, chunky knit blankets and the smell of bread baking! All of the things that come to mind when I think of a country-style house. Country style homes have become quite popular recently and for good reason too. The rustic charm and homeliness of walking into a room full of fresh flowers, traditional prints and plump cushions is certainly appealing, but just how exactly can you create a cozy country-style room for yourself? Well, let’s start from the bottom and work our way up! Flooring A Solid Oak Flooring, particularly those with a distressed look will help… [Read More]

Room on the Broom Live Show in the New Theatre Cardiff

Today my husband and I took our three year old twins to see Room on the Broom in the New Theatre, Cardiff. Room on the Broom is a book written by children’s author, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. The show started off with four people camping in the woods. As they got into their sleeping bags and sat upright with their backs to one another they started to drift off to sleep. One of the campers then starts to snore and it soon becomes clear that this is a regular problem the campers have to deal with! The two women… [Read More]

My Dream Living Room

I don’t own my home, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want my dream living room to look like. We’re renting at the moment, so I’m reluctant to spend money on our current home, as my husband and I hope to be able to afford our own home by the end of this year. I want colour! Lots of colour! Here are some of my favourite pieces! Top left: Etsy £1,970. Top Middle: Etsy £1,576. Top Left: Etsy £795. Bottom left: Etsy £2,121. Bottom right: Etsy £1,321 I love this style of furniture! The Chesterfield Sofa… [Read More]

Zappie App and Wall Sticker Review

Twin Daddy and I moved into our new home back in December 2012. In our old home, we decorated the girls nursery in a lovely shade of pink and they had a pretty butterfly border on the wall, with pink curtains and a pink light.  We moved to our new home a week before Christmas so to start with we didn’t really have much time to decorate the girls new room. 11 months down the line and that’s still the case.  When we were asked to review some wall stickers I was eager to do so in the hope that… [Read More]