Join the NSPCC and take on Messathon: the messtastic obstacle course! (Discount code included)

I love a good run and it’s something I try to encourage my children to do too. They’ve already watched me run a few races and we’ve even been on a few runs together around our local area. They even took part in a family fun 1k run a short while ago. I think it’s so important to encourage children to get active and that’s why I wanted to share with you the NSPCC’s Messathon! As per the title of this post, it’s a messtastic obstacle course! There are three dates set across Surrey, Bristol and Aldenham. Families with children… [Read More]

Your 2017 Holiday Hit List!

We’re hurtling towards the summer at a rate of knots, and before we know it, school will be out, and it’ll be time to get packing and head off on holiday. If you’ve not decided where to go for your summer sojourn yet, you’re in luck! Hopefully, this hit list will give you some food for thought. The beach holiday Most families love spending time at the beach. You can chill out, spend quality time together, and most importantly, have loads of fun. When it comes to beach breaks, you have two choices. You can either head off on an… [Read More]

Make your own Jewellery Box Craft Activity

It was a cold, rainy day and our twins and I had spent the majority of the afternoon indoors making jewellery. I was sent a make your own jewellery kit to review and then my dad also bought one for the girls which reignited their interest in it!  We made necklaces with their names on and bracelets with colourful beads of all shapes and sizes. It seemed a shame that our girls didn’t have their own jewellery boxes to keep them in though.  Then I had the idea to make our own.  I raided our cupboards for things that we… [Read More]

My Giant Fairy-tale Activity Book Review

Parragon Books provide a wonderful assortment of children’s books. They recently sent us ‘My Giant Fairy-tale Activity Book to review and we’ve been having lots of fun with it.  It’s a brightly coloured, fairly large book with lots of pages bursting with various activities to keep children busy. There are lots of different pages to colour in, mazes to solve and magical things to spot. Children can also match pictures together, draw and copy pictures, plus they can practise their counting skills on every page. There are easily over 100 activities all of which have a fairy-tale theme. Our twins… [Read More]

Fire Station Activity Book and Play Set Review

As part of Parragon Books, Book Buddy Scheme we were sent this fire station ativity book and play set to review. It’s actually quite good timing as earlier this week I was teaching our girls, who are almost four years old, how to phone 999 should they ever need to! This cute little set allows children to build their very own fire station and engine, plus there’s also a fun activity book included. My girls are a little too young to build the fire engine and station, but they enjoyed helping to pop the pieces out of the cardboard and… [Read More]

A back to nature craft activity

A little while ago my husband and I took our twins to the park. Nothing unusual there really, but whilst M was playing I noticed some acorns on the ground and it wasn’t long before they caught M’s eye too. M knew what they were because we have a squirrel who frequents our back garden pretty much on a daily basis. We watch him run jump out of a tree, run along our fence and into our garden where we watch him burry the acorns in the ground or on occasion in one of our plant pots! M started collecting… [Read More]

LeapFrog LeapBand Review

LeapFrog is a brand that I’ve come to love over the last few years. Since my children were born I’ve trusted LeapFrog products and have learnt that their products are truly designed with children in mind. From their very early days using the LeapFrog Musical Table to more recently watching our girls playing with LeapFrogs Number Loving Oven, I think it’s fair to say that we’re big fans! Like lots of children our twin girls enjoy copying mummy and daddy. Whether it’s saying what we say, doing what we do or wanting what we have, children learn by watching and… [Read More]

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Craft Activity

Our twin girls started nursery school recently and they’re currently creating a Goldilocks and the Three Bears display. As part of this project each child was given a cardboard square and asked to decorate it any way they like using a wide variety of medium. One day when the girls were at nursery I raised our craft box and put a small craft tub together for them both along with some paint. R’s favourite colour is blue so I gave her some blue paint. M’s favourite colour is red so I gave her some red paint. Inside their plastic tubs… [Read More]

Massive Monster Activity Pack from Parragon Books

I love being a Parragon Book Buddy because we get sent some wonderful books from them. This month we received a fabulous Massive Monster Activity Pack from them. The box which holds the contents inside has a velcro opening to ensure that the books and sticker sheets inside don’t fall out. Inside you can find four activity books packed with crazy mazes, creepy colouring, monstrous muddles and lots of swampy, icky, stinky scenes to cover with monster stickers! The books included are: Monster Colouring There are 30 creepy beasts to colour! Icky Sticky Sticker Book 8 monstrous scenes can be… [Read More]

Hobbycraft Christmas Advent Truck – A Crafty Review!

I love being creative and making things. When I was younger I made a beautiful pink, wooden jewellery box in school. I made a zig-zag lid and decorated it with glitter and blue and yellow flowers! When Hobbycraft sent me this festive advent truck calendar I couldn’t wait to get started on giving it a make-over! They also have a great range of other advent calendars you can decorate. It has 12 doors on either side making a total of 24 for every day in the run up to Christmas. Each door also has a small round handle on. Santa is sat… [Read More]