Make your own Jewellery Box Craft Activity

It was a cold, rainy day and our twins and I had spent the majority of the afternoon indoors making jewellery. I was sent a make your own jewellery kit to review and then my dad also bought one for the girls which reignited their interest in it! 

We made necklaces with their names on and bracelets with colourful beads of all shapes and sizes. It seemed a shame that our girls didn’t have their own jewellery boxes to keep them in though. 

Then I had the idea to make our own. 

I raided our cupboards for things that we could use. I emptied two Twinings teabag boxes, found some wrapping paper and sellotape. 

Twinings teabag boxes are perfect for this activity because the lid stays shut when you close it due to the flap on the lower part. 

This activity is really simple and quick, plus the end result is pretty effective. 

First, you’ll need to clean the box to make sure there isn’t any residue of the tea bags inside. You can do this with a clean cloth or paper towel. Don’t dampen it though as that will make the box wet and will possibly weaken it. 

When the box is clean, simply wrap it up in the wrapping paper. I did this by cutting out the right size for each side so that the picture displayed was the right way up, but also to ensure that the box was easy to open and close. I just used sellotape to hold the paper in place and you’re done. 

Of course you don’t have to use wrapping paper. You can try using tissue paper, paper mache and other types of craft materials.

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