Mojo Box Review by Fred’s Box

Fred's Box

I love the idea of a good subscription box. A little special something that gets delivered straight to your door once a month. It’s a nice treat and something to look forward to. Fred’s Box is exactly that. It’s a subscription service for children. They send your kids a box each month containing mini figures that they can play with and add to their collection. My girls love a good collection so for them this really is a great idea! They were sent a twins medium sized mojo box to review which contains 12 custom made mini figures. The wonderful… [Read More]

Craft Club Box Review: Watermelon Purse

I love crafts and sewing! Back in April of this year I reviewed my first ever Craft Club Box and made a super cute triangle pouch. Since April I’ve taken on and completed a lot of my own personal sewing projects, from cuddly toys to mermaid tail blankets more! This months Craft Club Box was a super cute watermelon purse! As always, you don’t just get the items you need to make the craft, you also get some extras to feed your fabric and craft stash with! Something us sewing enthusiasts love to do! In this months box I found:  … [Read More]

Sassy Kids Box Review

Back in May of this year, I reviewed our first Sassy Kids Box. Whilst I was shouting from the rooftops about how good it was, mainly because I felt there was just something lacking from it, I have to say that they’ve more than made up for it with the second box we received! Sassy Kids Boxes are aimed at children aged three to eight years old. Sassy Kids Box is a subscription service. Your first box will be half price (£1.99) with a £0.99 delivery charge and other boxes will cost £3.99 each plus delivery. Sassy Kids Box is… [Read More]

Sassy Kids Box Review

We were recently sent a Sassy Kids Box to review. Sassy Kids say that they’re on a missions to revolutionise the way that families shop and spend time with their little ones. They say that they’re helping families to save time and money as discovering amazing things whilst spending quality time together. Sassy Kids Boxes are aimed at children aged three to eight years old. Sassy Kids Box is a subscription service. Your first box will be half price (£1.99) with a £0.99 delivery charge and other boxes will cost £3.99 each plus delivery. Sassy Kids Box is a fortnightly… [Read More]

Craft Club Box Review

I recently wrote a post about Craft Club Box and their subscription box service. If you haven’t read it, why not pop over and take a look! Put simply, Craft Club Box offers customers the chance to buy a subscription and receive a new box by post every month. Each box comes with a sewing kit which includes instructions, as well as extra craft products to grow your collection. You even get an eMagazine via email to help support you. I’m super excited that I was sent the April box to review. The box is small enough to fit through a letter… [Read More]

Make your own Jewellery Box Craft Activity

It was a cold, rainy day and our twins and I had spent the majority of the afternoon indoors making jewellery. I was sent a make your own jewellery kit to review and then my dad also bought one for the girls which reignited their interest in it!  We made necklaces with their names on and bracelets with colourful beads of all shapes and sizes. It seemed a shame that our girls didn’t have their own jewellery boxes to keep them in though.  Then I had the idea to make our own.  I raided our cupboards for things that we… [Read More]

Introducing Craft Club Box Subscription Box

Crafting is a pretty popular hobby amongst both men and women. Children also enjoy the fun and creativity that making something can provide. I, myself also enjoy crafts and have worked on many different projects using varying techniques. I made a quilt for our twin girls each using their old baby clothes. I’ve recently learnt how to arm knit so have made the girls and I a scarf each, plus a blanket for myself. R and M, my four year old twins, love my blanket so much that I’ve had to order more wool so that I can make them… [Read More]

Wynsors Shoes: VIP Blogger Box for Blue Monday

Blue Monday 2016 has recently passed us by. If you didn’t know then well done for going the whole day without realising! Blue Monday was on the 18th January and it’s called Blue Monday because apparently it’s the most depressing day of the year.   When I woke up on Blue Monday, I can pretty much understand why. I slept through my alarm by 30 minutes meaning I had to skip having a shower. I drank my hot cup of tea and ate my banana muffin for breakfast whilst driving to work.    I nearly got ran over too, so… [Read More]

A Crafternoon with Jacdo

My husband and I were invited to join Jacdo today for a ‘crafternoon’ event. Jacdo is a monthly subscription box aimed at children aged two years of age onwards.  The great thing about Jacdo is that everything needed to do the craft activity is included in the box, so there’s no need to raid your cupboards or rush out to the shops to find some last minute supplies! Each box contains high quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.  In addition to the box, you also get free online access to great extra content, like print & make activities and handy homework helpers…. [Read More]

First day at nursery box

As most people who read my blog probably know by now, our twins are due to start nursery in September. I want to celebrate this with them and let them both know how proud I am of them for being brave and staying at nursery without mummy and daddy. I’ve been thinking of ways that I can do this and I’ve come up with what I think is a good idea. I’m planning on putting together a little celebration ‘first day at nursery box’ so that when the girls come home after their first day they can open their boxes… [Read More]