Ways to Make Money for Busy Mums

You know that being a mum is a full time job. Unfortunately it’s not one that pays, which isn’t great. Spending time with your little ones is amazing, but bills still need to be paid and for mums it can be hard to find work.  Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to top up your income. These solutions are ideal for busy mums because they are flexible, easy and perfect to do from home. So if you’re ever stuck at home with the kids then at least you know you can be making money at the… [Read More]

Should children play with make up?

As a mum to twin girls, I’m very aware of ensuring that I promote a body positive attitude to my girls. Although they’re only four years old, I’m careful what I say around them when it comes to my opinions on my body. I mean nobody is perfect. Everyone has parts of them that they’d like to improve upon. Perhaps you want to be a little taller, slimmer or have a smaller nose, who knows! The things that children over hear adults saying can often have quite a powerful impact on their own opinions of themselves. I’d like to have… [Read More]

Sewing Project: How to make a sunglasses case

A few weeks ago my husband and I bought our girls a pair of sunglasses each. I treated myself to a new pair too. The sunglasses that our girls already had were pretty scratched and as we’re going on holiday soon, they really needed some new ones. The thing is I didn’t want these new ones to end up scratched before we’d even left for our holiday. With that in mind I thought that I should make us all some sunglasses cases. R and M, our four year old twins, chose their own fabrics and buttons. R opted for a… [Read More]

Make your own Jewellery Box Craft Activity

It was a cold, rainy day and our twins and I had spent the majority of the afternoon indoors making jewellery. I was sent a make your own jewellery kit to review and then my dad also bought one for the girls which reignited their interest in it!  We made necklaces with their names on and bracelets with colourful beads of all shapes and sizes. It seemed a shame that our girls didn’t have their own jewellery boxes to keep them in though.  Then I had the idea to make our own.  I raided our cupboards for things that we… [Read More]

Six ways to make money online

As a mum who works part time I like to find various ways to make money. I like to think I’m quite entrepreneurial, so when you add that to my passion for creativity and my thirst for learning new things it makes me pretty determined! Before I had children I worked full time, five days a week, but I also had a few other incomes including selling a particular brand of make-up door-to-door. I love earning my own money and being able to provide for my family without having to rely on anyone else. After the birth of our children,… [Read More]

Make sure your home is safe and secure

Making sure that your home is safe and secure is an important part of protecting yourself as well as your belongings. It’s actually pretty easy to protect your home, but quite often some of the most basic and simple preventative measures are overlooked. Checking windows and doors are shut before you leave your house and before you go to bed is the first thing you should do. Burglars will look for easy access to your home and there’s no easier way to gain access to someones home than through an open window or door. Replacing old windows for newer, safer… [Read More]

10 things to do in and around Cardiff for under £30

We’re now well into half term and that often means parents start to run out of ideas for ways in which they can entertain their children. Staying in can become boring quickly so make life less boring and try out one of the following ways to keep the kids entertained in Cardiff for under £30! 1. Go fruit-picking! There are lots of places in and around Cardiff that you can visit for a few hours and take home some freshly picked fruit at the same time! I recently took my three year old twins to Hendrewennol which is a pick… [Read More]

Why summer holidays make for happier families

With summer rapidly approaching, you might be looking to book a family trip away with your whole brood.  Thankfully, travel companies like Tots Too offer a wide range of destinations (including baby holidays and those suitable for infants and older kids), so it’s well worth getting something in the diary sooner rather than later. An adventure with your loved ones can make for a happier family unit, after all, and here are just some of the reasons why. Quality family time These days, we’re all so busy rushing around that we forget to spend quality time together. By going on holiday you can break away… [Read More]

How to make an Easter simnel cake

A simnel cake is a traditional Easter cake made using marzipan and dried fruit. Usually baked in time for Mothering Sunday when the strict forty day fast during Lent was relaxed a little. Although references to simnel cakes have been found from the medieval period, the simnel cake that is popular today dates from the Victorian period. With its simple recipe and delicious layers of marzipan this is a tasty treat to bake for Easter, making a nice alternative to chocolate eggs. Ingredients For Your Simnel Cake The simnel cake is actually quite straightforward to put together but does have… [Read More]

Tips for new bloggers by bloggers

People start blogging for a wide range of reasons. For me, it was because I wanted a place to share my husband and I’s IVF journey. When we were going through IVF I found a lot of factual information online, but I didn’t want to read about the facts. I wanted to read peoples personal accounts. This is why I started blogging. I had no idea when I started that two years later I’d still be blogging and if you’d told me that I would be making money from my blog I wouldn’t have believed you. Whatever your reasons are… [Read More]