A back to nature craft activity

A little while ago my husband and I took our twins to the park. Nothing unusual there really, but whilst M was playing I noticed some acorns on the ground and it wasn’t long before they caught M’s eye too.

M knew what they were because we have a squirrel who frequents our back garden pretty much on a daily basis. We watch him run jump out of a tree, run along our fence and into our garden where we watch him burry the acorns in the ground or on occasion in one of our plant pots!

M started collecting some acorns in the park and it occurred to me that they’d make a great activity! R soon joined in and starting collecting acorns too. Before long they had a pocket full, as did Daddy! We also collected a few pieces of bark too.

On our way out of the park we went into the trees – or as our girls like call this part, the forest! – and we collected some leaves and twigs too.

When we got home I cut off a large section of paper from the girls easel rolls, squeezed some paint onto a plate and gave the girls a paintbrush each.

They started brushing the glue onto the paper and then proceeded to stick the leaves, twigs and bark down.

Before long the entire piece of paper was covered in leaves and looked pretty good.

We decided not to try and stick the acorns on as they would be too heavy so instead we painted them and then placed them in a bowl to make a colourful decoration in the girls bedroom!

They really enjoyed this activity and it’s one that I would definitely do again again with them!

2 thoughts on “A back to nature craft activity

  1. I remember doing this with my boys. We used to like looking up the different types of tree and finding out when it was the best time to collect acorns and sycamore helicopters!

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