Six ways to make money online

As a mum who works part time I like to find various ways to make money. I like to think I’m quite entrepreneurial, so when you add that to my passion for creativity and my thirst for learning new things it makes me pretty determined! Before I had children I worked full time, five days a week, but I also had a few other incomes including selling a particular brand of make-up door-to-door. I love earning my own money and being able to provide for my family without having to rely on anyone else. After the birth of our children,… [Read More]

A back to nature craft activity

A little while ago my husband and I took our twins to the park. Nothing unusual there really, but whilst M was playing I noticed some acorns on the ground and it wasn’t long before they caught M’s eye too. M knew what they were because we have a squirrel who frequents our back garden pretty much on a daily basis. We watch him run jump out of a tree, run along our fence and into our garden where we watch him burry the acorns in the ground or on occasion in one of our plant pots! M started collecting… [Read More]

How long does it take you to clean your house?

How long does it take you to clean your house? This is the question I was asked today and the honest answer depends on what type of ‘clean’ I’m doing. My friend who works at Connect Cleaners estimated that it would take roughly 2 hours with a pair of professional cleaners on the job. Here is how I would break it down. I live in a dorma-bungalow so I have six rooms downstairs and three upstairs. Some rooms are easier to clean than others. For example, my kitchen is pretty easy to clean as the surfaces are pretty empty. Most… [Read More]

Brantano calls for children nationwide to walk to school for charity

Brantano is calling for children and their parents to pledge to walk to school more often in the new term, to help raise money for road safety charity, Brake. Research by the shoe retailer has revealed that only a third of children and parents regularly walk to and from school every week and further research highlights that only a quarter of parents feel the route between their home and school is safe. Brantano is aiming to encourage the school run to be made on foot rather than in the car in a bid to not only help reduce congestion and traffic… [Read More]

Kids Trainer Review from Get The Label

When it comes to buying shoes for your children where’s your first point of call? Do you go to your local supermarket or sports shop, maybe to the market or ask friends and family for recommendations? I usually do a mixture of all three as I like to be able to try the shoes on my girls to ensure they fit before I buy. Recently I took my girls to have their feet measured so that I could buy them some new school shoes. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised they’d need some trainers too. To save… [Read More]

#WeSoFancyDress – A back to school party featuring ASDA!

I can’t quite believe that in less than two weeks’ time our twins will be starting nursery. They’ve never been to nursery or been looked after anywhere other than in their own home so it’s a big change for all of us. I’m feeling a real mix emotions! Anxious about how they’ll settle in and worried that they won’t like it. I think I’ve done a pretty good job preparing them for nursery. We’ve talked a lot about what they’ll do there and they already know their teachers name. They’ve been into the nursery for a look around and we’ve… [Read More]

Have you heard of peer-to-peer lending yet?

Do you ever find that the cost of living verses the amount of money that you actually earn often leaves you with little or nothing to spare at the end of the month? It’s a problem that a lot of families face across the country. Most will turn to their friends and families first, then move onto banks and credit cards, but what if you could borrow money from your peers? Well there is a way! Have you heard of Lending Works yet? Put simply Lending Works offers low interest loans because they allow people to lend and borrow money from other… [Read More]

10 things to do in and around Cardiff for under £30

We’re now well into half term and that often means parents start to run out of ideas for ways in which they can entertain their children. Staying in can become boring quickly so make life less boring and try out one of the following ways to keep the kids entertained in Cardiff for under £30! 1. Go fruit-picking! There are lots of places in and around Cardiff that you can visit for a few hours and take home some freshly picked fruit at the same time! I recently took my three year old twins to Hendrewennol which is a pick… [Read More]

Ten things to do when your child starts nursery depending on your mood

My twin girls will be starting nursery in September. It’s only two and a half hours, but it’ll the slowest two and a half hours ever! I have a range of mixed emotions about them starting nursery school. They’ve always been looked after in their own home by either my husband or I, or my dad. They’ve never been away from home without mummy or daddy so it’ll be a strange and new experience for all of us. I’ve talked to them a lot about starting nursery and have explained that mummy and daddy won’t be staying with them, but… [Read More]

Guest Post. Tips to avoid a toddler meltdown this summer!

Hi, I am excited to be invited by Emily to write a guest post for her lovely blog. I blog through my toddlers eyes over at Ickle Pickles Life and Travels. Here are our top tips to avoid a Toddler Meltdown this summer! Hopefully, we will have a long hot summer, and children – especially toddlers – can get very hot and bothered and grumpy, leading to some momentous melt downs. Try these tips to help you avoid them! 1. Tots will get thirsty, quickly. They may confuse this for being hungry. Make sure they have access to a drink… [Read More]