#WeSoFancyDress – A back to school party featuring ASDA!

I can’t quite believe that in less than two weeks’ time our twins will be starting nursery.
They’ve never been to nursery or been looked after anywhere other than in their own home so it’s a big change for all of us.
I’m feeling a real mix emotions! Anxious about how they’ll settle in and worried that they won’t like it.
I think I’ve done a pretty good job preparing them for nursery. We’ve talked a lot about what they’ll do there and they already know their teachers name. They’ve been into the nursery for a look around and we’ve read books together about starting nursery too. 
We’ve also had play dates with my friends and their children which have proved to be invaluable in terms of getting the girls used to playing with other children – not just each other – and also interacting with other adults.
I’ll be honest and admit that I feel sad about them starting nursery. They’re only three and a half years old and they just seem too young! I know nursery will be great for them in terms of social interaction and building up their confidence and independence, but a part of me wants to keep them at home!
Anyway to mark the end of the summer holidays we recently hosted a fancy dress party, and thanks to ASDA we were sent some fabulous fancy dress clothes for the children to wear.

Browsing through the outfits available I opted for Iron Man, Cinderella, a mouse, a dragon and a ballerina. We did originally want Captain America, but it was out of stock in the size we needed online, so my husband drove up to our local ASDA and bought it in-store for just £12.50.
The Cinderella and Captain America costumes were also £12.50. The mouse and ballerina costume were a bargain at £5.00 each and the dragon cost just £10.00. I was really impressed with the range of fancy dress costumes available and also with the prices. From £5 to £12.50 there’s something to suit every budget. The quality of all of the costumes is really good and I have to say that I love the attention to detail.
The Iron Man costume comes with an Iron Man mask and the front actually lights up which is pretty awesome!

The Captain America costume comes with a mask and a shield and the Cinderella costume comes with a cute, butterfly hair comb.

We invited my sister over with her two children as her daughter is also starting nursery soon.
One of my daughters, R, loves Spiderman. She did want a Spiderman costume, but it was out of stock in her size online and in-store which is why we opted for Captain America instead as it’s the same colour! M, wanted Cinderella and then I chose a mixture of costumes that I thought they’d like. 
The girls cousins, M and J, chose their costumes.

As you can see M looks rather happy with her mouse costume and J looks fierce in his dragon costume!
All of the costumes were age 3-4 and they all fit well. 

Everyone enjoyed the party. We had dancing, party games and of course party food! I made sandwiches in the shapes of stars, we had party rings, crisps and cake too!

It was such a lovely party and a great way to end the summer holidays.

Thank you ASDA!
For the purpose of this post we were sent the above fancy dress costumes and gifted with a £45 voucher to buy party food. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

13 thoughts on “#WeSoFancyDress – A back to school party featuring ASDA!

  1. Ah these are brilliant costumes, I especially love the mouse and dragon. Looks like all your little ones thoroughly enjoyed wearing them all. I can identify with your feelings about nursery, but it's something all parents have to go though sooner or later isn't it. I hope they settle in quickly and that you'll have to be dragging them out of nursery when it's home time! Becky #busydoinglife

  2. Wow, looks like there was lots of fun being had!! Oh to be that small again and dress up! Wonderful photos and even better memories created! Thanks for sharing! Suz x Beauisblue.com

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