The benefits of school trips abroad

When I was in school, I always remember going on lots of school trips. They were one of the highlights of school for me. Whether it was a museum, farm, or local park, it didn’t matter to me. School trips were fun. A chance to go somewhere new with your classmates. However, one of the things that my parents never allowed my sister and I to do was go on school trips abroad. I always remember this one school trip new york. I’m not sure of the exact reasons why our parents didn’t let us go, but perhaps it was due… [Read More]

Giving children privacy: When to draw the line? Plus making new friends

We’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch the last few weeks. One of our girls has been coming out of school moody and angry at the world. At first my husband and I approached this sudden change of personality by trying to be patient and asking her to think about how she talks to other people. We reinforced the idea that if you want people to talk nicely to you, then you have to talk nicely to them. This didn’t seem to be sinking in, so we’d usually end up shouting and sending her to her bedroom…. [Read More]

Back to School Essentials with

School has been in full force for a number of weeks now and our girls have settled into year one really well. It seems the transition from nursery into reception was the most difficult as there were tears, but as I watched our girls walk into their classroom for the start of year one, there wasn’t a single tear in sight. A sign that they’re growing up! Of course, with the new school term that means the inevitable coughs and colds, as well as scraped knees and bruised elbows! Thankfully are on hand to help. I was asked by… [Read More]

Should children be allowed to have the day off school on their birthday?


When I was a kid I never spent a single birthday in school. That’s not because my parents decided to keep me home, but simply because my birthday is early in January which means schools are closed due to the Christmas and New Year period. Being in school for my birthday wasn’t something that I’d ever thought of because I was just used to the fact that this never happened. It’s not something I ever really thought about again, that was until recently. Our twin girls birthday is February, and unless it falls on a weekend, it means they’ll always… [Read More]

Children can’t walk to school alone any more. What world do we live in?

I find it such a sad state of affairs that the world we live in appears to be restricting our children more than ever before. Last week I read an article online about our local area which stated that a ‘suspicious man in a car’ had been seen driving around two local schools. The police suspected a possible ‘child snatching plan’ and all schools in the area urged parents to make arrangements for their children to be picked up from school, instead of allowing them to walk home alone. Of course, my girls are only five, so they’re nowhere near… [Read More]

Why I will be taking my children on holiday during term time

There’s been a lot of debate recently about taking children out of school during term time to go on holiday. Up until a few weeks ago, it wasn’t really something that crossed my mind. However when I started pricing up our annual holiday, I was genuinely shocked to see how much more expensive holidays were during half term. As this is the first year that our children are in full time school, it’s never been an issue before, but now that it is, I’ve found myself on the side of those who want to be able to take their children… [Read More]

Wearing the wrong school uniform can ruin your education!

Who would have thought that wearing the wrong school uniform can actually ruin your education? This isn’t something I was aware of until I read this article about how an 11 year old boy was sent out of his lesson after a teacher spotted that the boy had reflective strips on the back of his footwear. Apparently the reflective strips on the boys shoes interfere with his brain resulting in an inability to concentrate and learn. It also means that the boy is unable to function correctly. Who knew? Have you detected my sarcasm yet? After reading this article online,… [Read More]

What we’ve done this week!

I can’t believe that Christmas is over already! The girls are back in school. I’m back in work and life is continuing as normal again, even though my front room now resembles a toy shop and my bathroom a beauty store! I don’t tend to write posts about our week, but I thought this week I would. I guess it’s kind of one of my new years resolutions going in 2017, which is to write down one good thing that happens each week, put it into a jar, and then at the end of the year you can read about… [Read More]

My Heart is breaking. It’s tough being four 

Twins cuddling

I’ve just sat down after lying in bed with R.  She’s fast asleep now. Hopefully dreaming of all the things she loves. Half an hour ago though it was a completely different story. She was really upset. Crying. Inconsolable.  My words had no effect.  All I could do was hold her in my arms. Shush gently and tell her that I was here. Right next to her and that I wasn’t going anywhere. It’s come totally out of the the blue and I’m putting it down to tiredness.  God, I really hope it is just tiredness and not the start… [Read More]

The day you start school

To our beautiful girls, Next week, you’ll both take your first steps through the front door of a new chapter in your lives. We’ve talked a lot about ‘big school’, about your teachers and about all of the things you’ll learn. You’re both excited, but also a little nervous which is normal. I’m sure there’ll be a few tears on your first day from both of you, as well as from mummy and daddy. It’ll be hard for all of us. It’s a big change, not to be with one another 24/7. When you first started nursery one year ago,… [Read More]