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School has been in full force for a number of weeks now and our girls have settled into year one really well. It seems the transition from nursery into reception was the most difficult as there were tears, but as I watched our girls walk into their classroom for the start of year one, there wasn’t a single tear in sight. A sign that they’re growing up! Of course, with the new school term that means the inevitable coughs and colds, as well as scraped knees and bruised elbows! Thankfully are on hand to help. I was asked by… [Read More]

A back to nature craft activity

A little while ago my husband and I took our twins to the park. Nothing unusual there really, but whilst M was playing I noticed some acorns on the ground and it wasn’t long before they caught M’s eye too. M knew what they were because we have a squirrel who frequents our back garden pretty much on a daily basis. We watch him run jump out of a tree, run along our fence and into our garden where we watch him burry the acorns in the ground or on occasion in one of our plant pots! M started collecting… [Read More]

Kids Trainer Review from Get The Label

When it comes to buying shoes for your children where’s your first point of call? Do you go to your local supermarket or sports shop, maybe to the market or ask friends and family for recommendations? I usually do a mixture of all three as I like to be able to try the shoes on my girls to ensure they fit before I buy. Recently I took my girls to have their feet measured so that I could buy them some new school shoes. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised they’d need some trainers too. To save… [Read More]

#WeSoFancyDress – A back to school party featuring ASDA!

I can’t quite believe that in less than two weeks’ time our twins will be starting nursery. They’ve never been to nursery or been looked after anywhere other than in their own home so it’s a big change for all of us. I’m feeling a real mix emotions! Anxious about how they’ll settle in and worried that they won’t like it. I think I’ve done a pretty good job preparing them for nursery. We’ve talked a lot about what they’ll do there and they already know their teachers name. They’ve been into the nursery for a look around and we’ve… [Read More]

Getting back into work after having children

Looking after children can be a job in itself. You put in all the hours under the sun, you’re always on call and you don’t get paid for it. Yet it’s one of the most rewarding jobs around. As children get older and begin nursery school many mums who have previously stayed at home looking after their children often start to contemplate how they’re going to get back into work. Employers will often chose someone who has recently been employed or is currently employed over someone who has been a stay at home mum for the past few years.  For… [Read More]

Our day at the spa

It seems like so long away now, but my sister, who blogs at Two Under Two, and I went to Bannatynes Spa for a relaxing spa day a few months ago. We’ve been to a spa together once before after seeing an offer on Groupon and when I saw another offer for Bannatynes Spa we jumped at the chance! This was our first time at Bannatynes. I live just around the corner, but have never really thought about joining or going to the gym. I think having two kids now has something to do with this! Anyway the offer was… [Read More]

Back to basics – Writing freely again

I’m quite a reflective person in private. I think about things a lot. Things that probably don’t matter anymore, but still have a bearing on my life. Many people probably wouldn’t think about these things. The past is the past and all that. To some extent I agree, but there are certain elements of my past that I can’t forget. Before I go into more detail, I feel like I need to take a moment to tell you a few things. When I started blogging back in June 2012, I did so anonymously. This was for a number of reasons,… [Read More]

What would you give up to sponsor a child?

Plan UK work around the world in developing and third world countries to help improve the lives of the world’s poorest children.  They do this through building hospitals and schools, installing fresh water supplies and much more, using money provided through child sponsorship. Give Up to Give Back This year Plan are hoping to increase the number of child sponsors through a campaign called Give Up to Give Back.  They’re encouraging people to give up some of the small things in their lives that they could do without and re-invest the money they have saved in making a massive difference… [Read More]

Posture Plast Review

During pregnancy I developed a bad back. I assumed after the girls were born that it would just disappear but nope! It’s still there and worse than ever because I now have two mini me’s to carry around! Posture Plast has been clinically designed to only allow the spine to move as intended and not how the modern world dictates. Importantly, PosturePlast retrains your back to move correctly, even after you have removed it. Twin daddy had to help me to put it on as it would be too difficult to do on my own. It takes a bit of… [Read More]