Should children play with make up?

As a mum to twin girls, I’m very aware of ensuring that I promote a body positive attitude to my girls. Although they’re only four years old, I’m careful what I say around them when it comes to my opinions on my body. I mean nobody is perfect. Everyone has parts of them that they’d like to improve upon. Perhaps you want to be a little taller, slimmer or have a smaller nose, who knows! The things that children over hear adults saying can often have quite a powerful impact on their own opinions of themselves. I’d like to have… [Read More]

Do you let your children play naked outside the home?

This topic has arisen quite randomly and rather out of the blue. I’m part of a journalist story request group on Facebook and one of the journalists was looking for two people. One who allows their children to play outside naked, whether it be in the garden, beach or perhaps the local park, and another who would never allow their children to play naked outdoors. Being honest I am part of the group that would never allow their children to play naked outdoors. Yes, on occasion, M, who loves to be naked has sprinted into the garden with no clothes… [Read More]

10 Garden Activities with Chalk

Chalk is a wonderful thing. You can use it to draw on boards, floors and even paper. You can use it to practise letter writing, drawing pictures or to play games. I recently picked up a pack of outdoor chalk from ASDA for our twin girls and I was pretty amazed at just how many different games and activities we managed to do with the chalks. I thought I’d share them with you! They’re perfect for a warm summers day in the garden. Hop Scotch I know, I know, Hop Scotch in the picture is below has been drawn wrong!… [Read More]

Jump, Cardiff Review

Ever since I discovered Jump existed I’ve been taking our twins on a regular basis. For those who don’t know, Jump, is a soft play type centre, situated in a warehouse in the Llanishen suburb of Cardiff.  They’ve recently made a few changes due to the expansion of the adjoining nursery which has taken over more space inside. This has meant that the popular enclosed toddler area is no more.  Something I was a bit sad about as our twins would have easily spent an hour in this area. In place of the toddler area is a long bouncy castle… [Read More]

Organising a birthday party for four year old twins!

Who would have thought that organising a birthday party for four year olds would be so stressful! R and M started nursery in September 2015 so I was pretty relived that I’d have the chance to go to a few birthday parties before I’d have to start planning our girls party. I was hoping they’d provide me with some information and inspiration about what to do. The first party was in a hall with a lot of children. I think the whole nursery class were invited. It was a joint party so I could understand the amount of children there…. [Read More]

The Etiquette of Play Dates

I haven’t always been tidy. I haven’t always been organised. That is until I left home and until I had my children. It’s important to me that I’m a good role model to my children. The term ‘role model’ covers many different aspects. The way I behave in front of my children, interact with others, the way we live our lives and maintain ourselves and our homes. The way in which we go about carrying out certain tasks, the way we talk, the language we use and even the food we eat. Today’s post though will cover the way in… [Read More]

Tips for a successful play date

Following on from my post yesterday about how play dates can be beneficial, today’s post will focus on creating successful play dates. Here are some of my top tips! 1. Give your child advanced warning and explain to them what will happen. Some children may find having an unknown child in their home, playing with their toys a bit daunting so preparing them in advance is important 2. Decide whether the play date will be in your house or theirs. You may also want to consider having your first play date in the local park. It’s a bit less formal… [Read More]

Mummy, you be the Beast and I’ll be Beauty!

Children have the best imaginations ever.  The games that they make up, the ways that they keep themselves entertained and watching them play can be so enchanting. Our twins have very good imaginations. They’re always making up games to play with one another and with mummy and daddy too! M’s favourite game at the moment is to act out Beauty and the Beast with me. She always plays the role of Belle, naturally because she is after all a beautiful princess just like Belle and I always have to play the role of the Beast! She’ll come running to me… [Read More]

Girls Night Out

I wrote a post not long ago which was a little update on the play dates I’ve been having. If you haven’t read that post you can find it here. In short the play dates have been going well. I’m so glad that we ditched play group in favour of them and I think R and M are pretty pleased about that too. Both girls have become so much more confident in playing with other children and also in leaving my side to play with them. This is a massive change as usually the girls stick to my side like… [Read More]

Bigjigs PlayPatrol – The Final Mission

I can’t believe that this is our last Play Patrol mission for Bigjigs! I feel so sad that it’s come to an end, but so blessed that we’ve been given the opportunity to work with Bigjigs. Agents Double Team, R and M, have really enjoyed putting fun to the test by testing out the various Bigjigs toys they’ve received. I know they”ll be sad too that this our last mission, but we’ll be sure to apply again! Before I continue with our last mission here are our previous Bigjigs Play Patrol missions: Pre-Play Patrol Mission Mission One Mission Two Mission… [Read More]