Is Tap Water Good For You Children’s Health?

A lot of parents get caught up in the debate as to whether or not they should give their children tap water. Some people swear by it and say it’s cheaper than bottled water, and can actually provide some health benefits. Other people say that bottled water is the way forward as it’s naturally cleaner and safer than tap water.

Who is right? Is tap water good for your children’s health or not? To try and suss things out, we should take a look at the pros and cons of tap water:

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Cheaper Than Bottled Water

I think a key argument in favour of tap water is that it’s cheaper than bottled water. You don’t have to keep going out and buying it, as it comes from your tap. This can save your family a fortune, particularly during hot periods like this summer heatwave.

More Environmentally Friendly

Following on from the previous point, tap water is better for the environment as you don’t use plastic bottles all the time. When you buy bottled water, you get it in big plastic bottles that don’t get re-used because you need to go and buy more after you run out.

May Contain Other Substances

One of the biggest issues with tap water is that it might contain other substances. Some of these are good – like fluoride, which helps protect your children’s teeth. However, some of these can be pretty bad. I don’t mean to scare you, but it shows on the ARC Project website that water systems in London contain a higher concentration of cocaine than any other water system in Europe. Obviously, there’s not enough in the water to have an effect on your kids, but it’s still something to be concerned about. Who knows what else is in the water we drink? With bottled water, you know you’re getting something that’s taken from a water source and filtered to be as clean as can be.

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When you look at these points, there is one main thing you take from it. Tap water has some advantages, but it’s not necessarily good for your children’s health. You don’t always know what’s in it, whereas bottled water will always be the cleaner and safer option.

So, everyone should just drink bottled water then, right? Ideally, yes – it is the healthier option for your children. However, I propose something more cost-effective that ensures your kids can drink nice clean water without you being paranoid about all the other substances that might be lurking in your tap water. All you have to do is buy a water filter/purifier that works with your tap. This lets you give your kids tap water that’s now filtered and purified, making it so much safer than before. If you’re worried about losing out on the fluoride that’s in some tap water, then just buy fluoride toothpaste or use a mouthwash that includes it!

Drinking water straight from the tap shouldn’t be ‘bad’ for your children’s health. However, you can make it much safer and more like bottled water if you use a filter. Particularly if you live in parts of the country that are known for having water systems full of certain substances.


One thought on “Is Tap Water Good For You Children’s Health?

  1. Hmmm it’s a difficult one. I won’t drink tap water on it’s own but if it’s mixed in with a cordial then I will. Having said that, I wouldn’t drink tap water in London due to the yucky texture it leaves on my mug! Didn’t even know about the cocaine thing. I think I’m lucky that living in North Wales, the tap water quality is much better in any case.

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