How To Get Your Confidence Back After Giving Birth

Image courtesy of Marcus/ Having a baby is a major life event. Life as you know it will never be the same again! A good night’s sleep is a thing of the past as is trying to get a moment alone and getting ready to go out will take you twice as long as usual. You may even struggle to leave your home for the first few weeks, even months and although baby groups are a great place to meet other mums, socialise and ask for advice, trying to gain the confidence to go  can be harder than you ever… [Read More]

Zoggs Swim Jacket Review

M enjoying an ice lolly in her Zoggs Swim Jacket Twin Daddy and I returned home from Menorca on Friday after a lovely 7 day holiday. We were lucky enough to have been sent two Zoggs Swim Jackets to take away with us. I think Twin Daddy and I have taken the girls swimming 2-3 times since they were born. The first time they were only around 6 months old, but they enjoyed themselves. We didn’t use any swim aids such as armbands. We decided to just hold them in the water. Our twins are now 17 months old and… [Read More]

Guest Post: Confidence

Me, pregnant and periodically alone I’ve never really had much confidence. I never believed I was clever enough, thin enough, tall enough, pretty enough, good enough. I think that’s how I ended up staying in a horribly abusive, manipulative relationship with, and getting pregnant by, a truly nasty person. I didn’t take much convincing that I really couldn’t do any better than this; he was my only chance of ever having kids. Throughout my pregnancy, I was petrified. Here I was, bringing a new life into the world, when I couldn’t even look after myself! I split up with the… [Read More]