Great Baking Set Review

Great Baking Set

As part of my Real Baking series of reviews, today I’m bringing you a review of this super cool ‘Great Baking Set’. Click here to read my first post in this series which features a cake pops kit. The Great Baking Set is aimed at children and 6 years and over. It includes 25+pieces. These are: 16 cupcake cases 4 x piping bags 3 x measuring spoons 1 x large bowl 1 x small bowl 1 x suction cup 1 x egg cracker 1 x silicon baking tray 1 x icing nozzle I really like the different colours of the… [Read More]

Disney Princess and Paw Patrol Duvet Set Review

Being a mum to twin girls with very different likes and dislikes is very interesting at times. Our twin are four years old and they’ve always shared a bedroom. When we moved house in the middle of February, the girls asked us if we would paint their new bedroom. Of course, we said that we would, but getting them to decide on the same decoration has been tricky! M loves princesses, fairies and everything pink, whereas R loves Spiderman, Paw Patrol and everything blue. My husband and I thought about painting the room half and half, but we’re still undecided!… [Read More]

Rainbow Incense Gift Set Review from Blaze On

I first heard of Blaze On back in October 2014 when I reviewed some of their fairy lights, but if you haven’t heard of them before here’s some information about them. Blaze On was started by Lisa, Blaise and her family. Ten years ago they left their city life behind them and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. Weeks turned into years and during their time in Thailand they made great friends and had the chance to explore the rich culture. Whilst there they learnt of a more balanced and ethical way of life. Upon their return to the UK, they had… [Read More]

In Nature Tea Gift Set Review

Us Brits are known for our love of a good cup of tea and I happen to be one of those people! Up until recently you’d only find me drinking a traditional English tea, but I have been discovering a whole range of flavoured teas lately and I have to say that I much prefer them! They provide flavour without having to add sugar and milk which is great as it means I can cut back on my sugar intake. I usually have two sugars with each cup of English tea. I’ve recently discovered In Nature Tea who sell delicious… [Read More]

Win a Swingball Set from House of Fraser

With summer almost upon us what perfect way to spend the warm, sunny days than in the garden with the kids playing swingball! When I was growing up my sister and I had a swingball set and we absolutely loved it! It was so much fun. I was recently sent a swingball set from House of Fraser to review, plus there’s a chance for you to win your very own swingball set too! The first swingball game is suitable for children aged three onward and it comes in a very handy carry case so you can take it on your travels… [Read More]

Bigjigs Young Chefs Baking Set and Pastry Set Review. Mission 5.

Agents Double Team are back for their fifth Bigjigs Play Patrol Mission. This mission sees us take to the kitchen to cook up some delicous vanilla butter biscuits! We received a Young Chefs Baking Set available from Bigjigs for £11.99 and a Pastry Set which is just £5.99. The Young Chefs Baking Set is suitable for children aged three and over. The set includes a six-bun baking tray, a ramekin, loaf tin, a whisk, a wooden rolling pin, oven glove, measuring spoons and six pastry cutters. The Pastry Set is also suitable for children aged 3 and over. Included with this set… [Read More]

Bigjigs Village Shop and Accessories Review

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram then you’ll probably know by now that for Christmas we bought our twins the Bigjigs Village Shop, along with some of the accessories to go with it.   I’m a huge fan of Bigjigs! I love all of their products, because they’re always fantastic quality, good value for money and they’re so simple with no batteries required, which is great because it really helps toddlers to play and use their imaginations.  I thought I’d write a review of the Bigjigs Village Shop along with some of the items that we bought to… [Read More]

24 Piece Cutlery Set Review

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone already. It always does that to me! It never lasts long enough and before you know it you’re back at work! Anyway back to Christmas and I was recently sent this fabulous 24 piece silver cutlery set from StreetHub to review. The set costs £42.95 and would make a beautiful wedding or house warming gift. The set consists of forks, knives, spoons and teaspoons. They’re full size which is a bit bigger to what I’m normally used to as our current cutlery was bought from a supermarket basics range which they’re a little on… [Read More]

Bigjigs Play Patrol Mission 4. Build-a-Bouquet and Tea Set Review

Agents Double Team have received their fourth Bigjgs Play Patrol mission an it’s one of my favourite ones so far! Mission four is to put our creative skills to the test to show you the creative potential of the toys we’ve been sent.  So with this in mind we’ve been very creative taking lots of photos and we’ve even created a video! We were sent two toys to put to the test for this mission. First up is this fabulous Build-a-Bouquet toy by Green Toys. Available online from Bigjigs for £20.99 and suitable from the age of two onward, this toy… [Read More]

Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Christmas Cookie Set Review

Christmas is fast approaching. With just a few weeks to go until the big day, it’s that time of year when parents start thinking about what to buy their toddlers for Christmas. Our twins are almost three years old and they’re really into pretend play. Like most children their favourite thing to do is pretend to cook using their play kitchen. They’ll quite happily spend all day putting their toy vegetables into saucepans and pretend to cook them. We’ll incorporate some play dough and make spaghetti and meatballs with them too! To most children as long a toy doesn’t break… [Read More]