In Nature Tea Gift Set Review

Us Brits are known for our love of a good cup of tea and I happen to be one of those people! Up until recently you’d only find me drinking a traditional English tea, but I have been discovering a whole range of flavoured teas lately and I have to say that I much prefer them!

They provide flavour without having to add sugar and milk which is great as it means I can cut back on my sugar intake. I usually have two sugars with each cup of English tea.

I’ve recently discovered In Nature Tea who sell delicious loose leaf tea. Each tea leaf is picked by hand in China and no preservatives are added, meaning that the tea is enjoyed in its most pure and natural form.

I was kindly sent the special tea gift set pictured above. It’s a special gift set for Father’s Day which retails at just £18. Although Father’s Day has now passed I think it’d still make a great gift for an upcoming tea lovers birthday or maybe as an anniversary gift.

Included in this set is one box of Fresh Green Tea, one box of Aged Puerh Tea, one box of Lotus Tea. Each box is said to provide 50 cups of tea and they all come with a set of instructions. The tea leaves are wrapped in a convenient, resealable bag, plus you also a get a tea strainer and a beautiful gift bag.

I’ve tried all of the teas above and they taste superb. My favourite is the Lotus Tea. It’s fragrant, crisp and refreshing.

Overall I think this is a great gift set.

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For the purpose of this review I was sent on gift set. All opinions and views are 100% my own.

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