Making life easier for those with mobility issues

Growing old isn’t something that I think about an awful lot. It does pop into my mind on occasion though. Mainly when I’m sitting with my elderly mother-in-law and talking to her about her latest bruises, aches and pains. Something that she shows me often! Like many elderly people, my mother-in-law lives alone, rarely leaves her house and doesn’t come into contact with many other people anymore. The good thing is that we only live around the corner from her so if anything goes wrong, if she needs anything etc, we can get there pretty quickly. My husband, her son,… [Read More]

Sex education in schools

Last week I watched a programme on Channel 4 called ‘Sex in Class’. The aim of the show was to fix Britain’s blushing attitude toward sex education.  When I was in school I vaguely remember being shown a video, some pretty horrific photos of people with sexually transmitted infections and being given a diagram of a woman’s uterus and being asked to label where everything goes.  Was the sex education good? No. I’ll just give you a brief outline of what ‘Sex in Class’ was about.  Goedele Liekens, a United Nations goodwill ambassador for sexual health, spent two weeks at… [Read More]

In Nature Tea Gift Set Review

Us Brits are known for our love of a good cup of tea and I happen to be one of those people! Up until recently you’d only find me drinking a traditional English tea, but I have been discovering a whole range of flavoured teas lately and I have to say that I much prefer them! They provide flavour without having to add sugar and milk which is great as it means I can cut back on my sugar intake. I usually have two sugars with each cup of English tea. I’ve recently discovered In Nature Tea who sell delicious… [Read More]

Nights in now verses nights in before kids

Before my husband and I had children we spent our evenings either in the cinema, going out somewhere for food or doing something else away from home. It was on very rare occasions that you’d find us spending the night at home. Since having children our evenings have changed considerably. My husband and I haven’t had a night out together since our twins were born over three years ago! I had my first girly night out two weeks ago (post coming soon) and it was lovely, although odd to be out as opposed to at home with the girls sleeping… [Read More]

Cardiff to London in a Day for under £20

I live in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. It’s a wonderful city with plenty to do and see, but sometimes I want to explore the sights and attractions of other cities around me. One of those cities is London. Did you know that you can travel from Cardiff to London in a day for under £20?  Not only that, but when you’re there you can also visit a number of free attractions making your entire day out a bargain at under £20! If you do fancy spending a bit of money there are also plenty of paid-for attractions too! Courtesy… [Read More]

Kensington Brights Tea For One Review

I love a good cup of tea, especially after a hard day’s work or when the little ones are tucked up in bed. I can sit back, relax and watch a film or some soaps on the TV and drink my tea in peace. Thing is the little ones have noticed me quietly, secretively sipping away from a mug whilst stood in the corner of the kitchen and now they like tea too! Only in small quantities though! Even though they follow their mummy and come to think of it their daddy for our love of tea there is one… [Read More]

The Ultimate X-Factor Night In

I love the X-Factor! There, I’ve said it! I can’t sing. I can’t write songs and I can’t even dance, but that doesn’t stop me from making the most of our X-Factor weekends! My absolute favourite part is watching the auditions. Especially when they show the auditions from our home town, Cardiff. I’ve been tempted to enter myself just so I can meet the judges, but the chances of the producers putting me through to see the judges are probably slim to none! Regardless of this fact though our household have our own unique way of watching the auditions. When… [Read More]

How to Stay Safe in the Sun this Summer

If you and your little ones are anything like me and my family, then much of the summer months will be spent outdoors. We’ll either be in the garden with the paddling pool out, in the park or somewhere else outdoors, usually a farm! One thing that really worries me about being outdoors with my children is protecting them from the sun. We took our girls on holiday for the first time last and although neither got sunburnt, M did have a slightly rosy tint to her face. I thought I would share with you some tips on how to… [Read More]

Nine years ago today

Nine years ago today The world lost one it’s finest One of the most beautiful One of the kindest I remember your colourful dresses Your warm smile Your infectious laugh Taken too soon But never forgotten You’ll always live on forever In our hearts and our minds Although you never met Our girls will know you well l’ll tell them of all the fun Of the happiness That my childhood brought All because of you Holidays were memorable Especially if near a water slide We’d hear you laugh And slip and slide Down you’d come Flashing the world! Right to… [Read More]

Extra peace of mind for new mums as hospital places cameras in baby unit

M’s foot One of the biggest hardships I, as a new mum had to endure when our twins were born was not being able to see them straight away.  I caught a quick glimpse of them through teary eyes when my husband was allowed a quick cuddle and I was fortunate enough that, although I couldn’t hold them, I was able to give them both a kiss. I couldn’t really see what they looked like because tears blurred my vision.  Did they have cute button noses? Hair like mine or eyes like their daddy? R’s foot A number of hospitals… [Read More]