Welsh Cake Recipe

During the Easter holidays my girls and I decided to make some welsh cakes. Having never made welsh cakes before, I only realised that I’d need a bake stone when I’d actually bought all of the ingredients and was about to make them with our girls! Fortunately, we used a frying pan instead and this worked out pretty well for us! I’m not sure what it is about shop bought welsh cakes, but our girls just don’t like them. However, when they recently made welsh cakes in school, they just couldn’t get enough of them! This recipe is easy to… [Read More]

Making Fruity Milkshake Lollies with Shaken Udder Milkshakes

I love a good milkshake, so when I was sent some delicious milkshakes from Shaken Udder, I couldn’t wait to get tucked in and try them out! If you’ve not heard of Shaken Udder before, then let me tell you a bit more about them. Shaken Udder is a delicious dairy brand which makes super tasty milkshakes for adults and kids alike that are perfect as a quick snack or refresher. There are lots of tasty flavours available such as strawberry, chocolate, vanillalicious, salted caramel, top banana and strawberries and clotted cream. I really like the small kids cartons. They’re perfect… [Read More]

Making Chocolate Cake with the VonShef Pink Stand Mixer from DOMU (Review)

Baking is something that I’ve always enjoyed. Whether it’s a cake or perhaps a loaf of bread. There’s something so enjoyable about making something from scratch, plus nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning! That’s why, when I was asked by DOMU if I’d like to review one of their stand mixers I jumped at the chance! I chose this pink VonShef Stand Mixer. I was weighing up which colour to go for. It was a toss up between white or pink, but as you can see pink won! This stand mixer is just £74.99 and… [Read More]

There’s more to microwaves than you think #SoMuchMore

How often do you use a microwave? I think I probably use mine pretty much every day. Whether that’s to heat up some beans or frozen peas, or to heat up a quick and healthy ready meal. Yes, quick and healthy microwave ready meals really do exist! Just yesterday I had salmon with brown rice and vegetables that was all cooked in the microwave. I think that when most people think about using microwaves, they assume you’re using it to cook an unhealthy ready meal, but that’s simply not the case. Microwaves have come a long way since they were… [Read More]

EVERDINE Meals Review & Video

I really enjoy food, but when you’re trying to lose weight, having a love of food doesn’t make things easy. When I was given the chance to review Everdine I was pretty excited about. Everdine offer clean and wholesome gourmet meals that are cooked and frozen before being courier delivered to your front door. I’ve heard of similar boxes before, but for me the real selling point with Everdine is that I don’t actually need to cook lots of ingredients myself. All I need to do is pop the meals in the microwave straight from frozen and most are ready… [Read More]

Vivid Baking Cookie Kit & Chocolate Pen Set

Vivid Baking Chocolate Pen

Baking is a favourite hobby of mine. I’m actually surprised that I haven’t yet made a start on the Christmas cake! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reviewing some fabulous baking goodies from Vidid Baking. The first of which was a Cake Pops Set and the second was a Great Baking Set. This review however will be of the Vivid Baking Cookie Kit and the Chocolate Pen. First up we have the cookie kit. Inside the box you’ll find: 1 x Silicon Baking Sheet 1 x Rolling Pin 1 x Rolling Pin Guide 14 x Cookie Cutters 1 x Piping… [Read More]

Retro Food Stand Mixer Review from Savisto (Video)

Retro Food Stand Mixer Review from Savisto

As a keen cook, I own many different types of kitchen gadgets. From a bread maker to a slow cooker and more. Sadly my current food stand mixer is on it’s way out, although it has served me well over the past few years! Thankfully, I was recently sent a brand new Food Stand Mixer from Savisto. The Savisto 1260W Retro Food Stand Mixer costs £95.99 and looks pretty snazzy! Available in black or red, this compact and lightweight machine is great for dealing with all sorts of baking tasks. It comes with a 5.5l stainless bowl with a handy… [Read More]

Great Baking Set Review

Great Baking Set

As part of my Real Baking series of reviews, today I’m bringing you a review of this super cool ‘Great Baking Set’. Click here to read my first post in this series which features a cake pops kit. The Great Baking Set is aimed at children and 6 years and over. It includes 25+pieces. These are: 16 cupcake cases 4 x piping bags 3 x measuring spoons 1 x large bowl 1 x small bowl 1 x suction cup 1 x egg cracker 1 x silicon baking tray 1 x icing nozzle I really like the different colours of the… [Read More]

Real Baking Cake Pops Kit Review

Baking is something that the whole family enjoy doing. It’s an activity that everyone can get involved in, plus it’s lots of fun! When we were recently sent a cake pops kit along with some other baking goodies we were keen to get started straight away! We were recently sent some fabulous Real Baking goodies from Vivid. As you can see we were sent one chocolate pen set, a great baking set, a cookie kit, a cake pops kit, two bars of Divine chocolate and two chefs hats. This post is a review of the cake pops kit, but stay… [Read More]