Lost My Name Personalised Book Review

If you’re looking for a magical keepsake to gift your little one this Christmas, then I have the perfect suggestion for you! The little girl who lost her name is a personalised book based around the letters of your child’s name. So, if your child was called Noah, he could meet a Narwhal, Okapi, Angel and Hedgehog, for example.  The beauty of these books is that each child’s name creates a unique tale. Great for those with twins, like us, or more than one child, as each story differs!  From the outside you could be mistaken for thinking that these… [Read More]

Why having a bedtime routine for your child is important

Bedtime routines are really important for children. For as long as I can remember, we’ve always followed a set bedtime routine for our twins.  Of course, over the years we’ve had to make some small adjustments, but now that our girls are four years old, their bedtime room is very consistent and has been ever since they were babies.  We haven’t always read them a bedtime story. When they were babies it was easier to give them their milk, a cuddle and rock them gently to sleep. A bedtime story was quite often stimulation that they didn’t need before going… [Read More]

Disney Movie Collection Book Review from Parragon Books

We’re big Disney fans in our home. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film of all time. It’s an absolute classic and my girls love it too! More recently, Frozen, is another favourite of ours and most days, M, likes to dress up as Elsa. The other day, R, even dressed like Kristoff!   When we were recently sent two Disney Movie Collection books to review from Parragon, I was amazed that both books included every single part of each film. Everything was included! We received Frozen and The Jungle book.   The books are quite long so… [Read More]

Convertible Submarine Book Review

We absolutely love books! We read our children a bedtime story every night, well usually two bedtime stories! Our favourite types of books are usually funny ones with an element of surprise and adventure.  The Convertible Submarine Book from Miles Kelly certainly offers both a mixture of surprise and adventure! As per the blurb, young readers will love this brilliant book and playmate that folds into a submarine. They can follow the brightly illustrated story, then take the helm to be the captain! I certainly is a very bright and colourful book that is durable and fun to read.  Each… [Read More]

Alison Hubble Book Review

I absolutely love a good book and so do our children. Every night we have a bedtime story or two! I was recently sent a new book to review which is called, ‘This is the story of Alison Hubble, who went to bed single and woke up double!’ It’s a brand new tale of mathematical mayhem by master storyteller, Allan Ahlberg and magnificent illustrator, Bruce Ingman. As per the title of the book, Alison Hubble went to bed one night and when she woke in the morning discovered she was now a twin as she’d somehow doubled overnight! Our girls… [Read More]

The 3rd Woman Book Review

I love a good book. Before I had children I could easily read two to three books a month, sometimes more. Reading has always been a passion of mine. From the very first moment I read my first ever book, I’ve been hooked! Sadly, I don’t read as much nowadays as having children keeps me busy and in the evenings I’m usually too tired!  However, when Mumsnet gave me the chance to receive a copy of The 3rd Woman by Jonathan Freedman I jumped at the opportunity to get back into reading.  Reading the back of the book, which is… [Read More]

Disney Art Therapy Colouring Book Review

Adult colouring books seem to be very popular lately and the colouring trend shows no sign of slowing down! Parragon Books recently sent us two Disney Art Therapy colouring books. One has a princess theme to it and the other has a Frozen theme. These books feature a huge range of patterns, symbols and imagery from both Disney Frozen and the Disney Princess stories. They’re filled with over 100 dynamic, detailed and incredibly satisfying Disney patterns.   The Disney Princess Art Therapy colouring book has lots of amazingly interesting designs. The one below appears to be sleeping beauty. Unlike most… [Read More]

My Giant Fairy-tale Activity Book Review

Parragon Books provide a wonderful assortment of children’s books. They recently sent us ‘My Giant Fairy-tale Activity Book to review and we’ve been having lots of fun with it.  It’s a brightly coloured, fairly large book with lots of pages bursting with various activities to keep children busy. There are lots of different pages to colour in, mazes to solve and magical things to spot. Children can also match pictures together, draw and copy pictures, plus they can practise their counting skills on every page. There are easily over 100 activities all of which have a fairy-tale theme. Our twins… [Read More]

The Night Before Christmas Book Review

The Night Before Christmas is a classic Christmas book that many parents will be familiar with. This all time classic by Clement C. Moore tells the story of one households experience on the night before Christmas. It’s a classic rhyme with enchanting, modern illustrations from acclaimed young illustrator Harriet Muncaster. This was a book that was read many times over and over again on Christmas eve by me. R and M, our soon to be four year old twin girls, loved this book! They smiled with delight at the pictures of Santa. The rhyming made it easy to read and… [Read More]

Fire Station Activity Book and Play Set Review

As part of Parragon Books, Book Buddy Scheme we were sent this fire station ativity book and play set to review. It’s actually quite good timing as earlier this week I was teaching our girls, who are almost four years old, how to phone 999 should they ever need to! This cute little set allows children to build their very own fire station and engine, plus there’s also a fun activity book included. My girls are a little too young to build the fire engine and station, but they enjoyed helping to pop the pieces out of the cardboard and… [Read More]