Topsy and Tim Book Review

Topsy and Tim are without a doubt one of our twin girls favourite TV characters. They love watching them to see what adventures they get up too!
One of their favourite episodes is when they ‘pet sit’ their friend Kerry’s guinea pigs! I think this has something to do with the fact that their cousins have guinea pigs too!
Did you know that Topsy and Tim are also available in other formats not just on TV?
We were recently sent some ‘Start School with Topsy and Tim’ books to review, along with a Peppa Pig Going Swimming book!
topsy and tim books

In addition to this we received a ‘Ladybird I’m Ready for Phonics’ book, a ‘Topsy and Tim Our Day’ book and some activity sheets.

topsy and tim book
I was really pleased when I saw that one of the books we’d been sent had a clock on. I’ve been working with our twins, trying to teach them a basic understanding of time, so this book is a great addition to our learning, even more so because it has their favourite characters, Topsy and Tim in!
topsy and tim time book

Inside the book children are encouraged to move the hands on the clock so that the time shown matches the time in the picture.

The story follows Topsy and Tim’s day. The first page explains how Topsy and Tim wake up at 7 o’clock, brush their teeth, get dressed and go to the kitchen for breakfast.

topsy and tim time book

I love the pictures in the book as the characters are easily recognisable. As we continue through the book, we’re told what Topsy and Tim do at different times of the day and again children are encouraged to move the clock hands to match the time in the picture.

topst and tim time book

The last page in the book shows that Topsy and Tim do lots of different things at the weekend and children are asked to move the clock hands to show the times.

R and M really enjoyed reading, listening and moving the clock hands in this book. I think it’s a great introduction to time.

topsy and tim time book

Moving on and the next book is the ‘I’m Ready for Phonics!’ book. Our twins started school a few weeks ago so I’m sure this one will really come in handy.

phonics book

Each page has a different activity on with easy to follow instructions. My favourite activity, pictured below, asks children to finish the sentence by identifying the word that begins with the correct letter sound. Not only does this encourage children to listen and think, it also helps with their letter writing skills.

phonics book

Not only do children have the chance to write in the book, they can also stick the stickers in the corresponding place too as this book comes with 80 stickers!

phonics book

Next up is a reading book. Every night we read a bedtime story to our twins and this one has been added to the list of favourites!

topsy and time start school book

Much like the clock book above, the pictures are clear to see and the characters are easily recognisable. This book follows the story of Topsy and Tim starting school.

topsy and time start school book

As they enter school they recognise some of their friends from nursery and say hello. The teacher then shows them where to hang their bag and coats on their pegs before going into their new classroom.

Throughout the story Topsy and Tim take part in various activities such as completing jigsaws and looking at books. This book also covers play time, lunch time and home time.

Much like the TV show at the end of the book are some puzzles that children can help solve.

Overall, this is a lovely book that shows what school life is like. It doesn’t go into the emotions that children can often face when starting school, but overall we did enjoy reading this book.

Next up are the First Spellings and First Sums books. These are wipe clean activity books, that come with a pen. These books support Key Stage 1 learning.

topsy and time writing book

Children can complete various activities such as filling in the gaps of the words. I like that there are pictures to help the children along too.

topsy and time writing book

One of my personal favourite pages are the pages where children can practise their letter formation. I find these pages to be great for helping with pencil control and pencil grip.

topsy and time writing book
 child drawing in book

The first sums book has pages with different activities on. As you can see in the picture below, one page has ‘adding up to 5’ and then the next has ‘adding up to 6’, so it’s a natural progression throughout the book.

topsy and time writing book

I was also pleased to see some shapes in the book too! In this activity children are asked to write the correct number in the boxes to complete the sums.

number book

child writing in number book

These are great books to help support the work children do in school, but they’re also lots of fun.
Lastly, we have the Peppa Pig Going Swimming Book. This is a level one reading book so is perfect for new readers.

peppa pig book

The story is easy to follow and I like that each page is accompanied with bright pictures of the characters from Peppa Pig.

Overall, we think these books are fantastic and we’d definitely recommend them! All Topsy and Tim books can be found online here.

For the purpose of this review, I was gifted the above books. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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4 thoughts on “Topsy and Tim Book Review

  1. These books look like such a great way to combine learning and fun together is an easy and colourful way that engaged children. We don’t really watch that much of Topsy and Tim but when we do the little ones enjoy it

    Laura x

  2. I was a big Topsy and Tim fan as a child too! I remember reading their going to hospital book as a child going to have my tonsils out and it actually made me excited at the prospect of going there.My daughter already likes their books so I am sure they will guide her through various stages too. Great post a very thorough review! #bigpinklink

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