Book Review: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

This is the first Sophie Kinsella book that I’ve read, and I have to say that I think she’s a fantastic, engaging writer. I picked up this book from a Facebook book swapping group. This is basically a group where book lovers can swap books (usually via post as people in the group are from all over the UK), discover new authors and find a new loving home for all the books that you’ve read. I personally love the idea of this type of group and I recently set up my own little group on Facebook for residents of our… [Read More]

Book Review: Reader, I Married Me #GIFTED

I love a good romantic comedy book. There’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa, blanket over you, a hot cup of coffee and a good book. Reader, I Married Me by Sophie Tanner is a book full of self love and positivity. It’s unlike any other book I’ve read. The main character, Chloe Usher, has just broken up with the love of her. Her friendly urge her to find another man before she ends up sitting on the shelf all alone for the rest of eternity, but Chloe makes a decision not to do that. After one particularly… [Read More]

Book Review: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

I don’t usually write book reviews, but then again it’s not often that I come across a book worthy of writing a review about! However, when I picked up Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine in Morrisons two weeks ago, I knew that I had to share a review of it with you! I read the book in just five days, and I have to say that this book has restored my love of reading. There’s something quite wonderful about holding an actual book in your hands. The weight of it, the smell, the feel of the paper, nothing beats it!… [Read More]

Start Little Learn Big with Parragon Books

I’m a firm believer that making learning fun for children is the best ay for them to become engaged and interested in the activity they’re doing. Learning through fun is a pretty effective way for children learn things quickly. In our home we like to play games. We have certainly have plenty of them! One of my favourite is a card game that is all about identifying different shapes and matching them to the correct pile. By learning their shapes using this game, our girls are shape experts! When the lovely people over at Parragon Books asked if I’d like… [Read More]

Once Upon A Time Online Book Review


As one of Parragon Books Book Buddies, we were recently sent the book, ‘Once Upon A Time Online‘ to review, along with a cute fairytale crayon. I was so curious to find out what this book was all about. Living in todays world with technology all around us, I do have my concerns about my children’s futures, but by arming them with the right information, those worries can soon fade away. Once Upon A Time Online is a beautifully illustrated book by David Bedford and Rosie Reeve. The story follows some of our children’s most well recognised and well loved… [Read More]

The Rare Monkey with the Colourful Bottom Book Review

The Rare Monkey with the Colourful Bottom

We love a good book so when we were asked to review a book entitled’ The Rare Monkey with a Colourful Bottom’ we just had to say yes! First off, what a name for a book! It certainly grabs your attention and leaves you wanting to know what it’s all about! Our twin girls are four years old so the very fact that the title of this book has the word ‘bottom’ in it was a winner with them! This delightful picture book for children up to the age of five tells the story of the rare monkey. He’s the… [Read More]

Gordon’s Great Escape Book Review

Gordon's Great Escape

We love a good children’s book to read before bedtime. We have so many books, yet they’re all very well read and I have a feeling that this book is going to be one of the well-read ones! Gordon’s Great Escape is a pretty humorous children’s book. We were sent a copy to review recently and we’ve really enjoyed it. This book follows Gordon the Balloon on his adventures around the world. Along the way he meets new people and learns of new things, but his journey isn’t without it’s hazards. He has to learn to avoid all the dangers… [Read More]

Alfie and His Very Best Friend Book Review by Shirley Hughes

Alfie and His Very Best Friend

Shirley Hughes is an author that’s pretty new to me. I first discovered her after finding out that our girls were being read a book called ‘Dogger’ at school. Keen to support the girls learning, I’ve added this book along with a few others to my online shopping basket. Shirley Hughes is an English author and illustrator. She’s written more than fifty books, which have sold more than 11.5 million copies. We were recently sent one her books, Alfie and His Very Best Friend, to review. It’s a lovely hardback book and I have to admit that the illustrations are… [Read More]

Jungle Jam Book Review

Jungle Jam Book

We’re big books fans in our household. Our twins love listening to a bedtime story every night and R already knows two books off by heart. At four years old she can’t read yet, but she has really good memory retention and used the pictures on the page to recall the story which amazes me! Reading to your children is really important. It not only helps to improve their vocabulary and listening skills, it can also help to enhance children’s creativity and imaginations. This is the reason why I will never turn down the opportunity to review a good children’s… [Read More]

Topsy and Tim Book Review

Topsy and Tim are without a doubt one of our twin girls favourite TV characters. They love watching them to see what adventures they get up too! One of their favourite episodes is when they ‘pet sit’ their friend Kerry’s guinea pigs! I think this has something to do with the fact that their cousins have guinea pigs too! Did you know that Topsy and Tim are also available in other formats not just on TV? We were recently sent some ‘Start School with Topsy and Tim’ books to review, along with a Peppa Pig Going Swimming book! In addition… [Read More]