Book Review: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

This is the first Sophie Kinsella book that I’ve read, and I have to say that I think she’s a fantastic, engaging writer.

I picked up this book from a Facebook book swapping group. This is basically a group where book lovers can swap books (usually via post as people in the group are from all over the UK), discover new authors and find a new loving home for all the books that you’ve read. I personally love the idea of this type of group and I recently set up my own little group on Facebook for residents of our village. It’s been a massive hit, so I’d recommend other book lovers do the same!

Anyway! Going back to the book!

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella was first published in January 2010 so it’s by no means a new book. However, it’s still a very relevant read. It’s a ghost story with a very big difference. There are no spooky goings on for example, but instead we get to experience a friendship blossom.

The main character is Lara. Lara has recently split up with her boyfriend, Josh and she’s clearly still in love with him. She’s convinced that they’ll get back together and in doing so Lara can prove her parents wrong.

The thing is though, Lara has absolutely no idea why Josh split up with her. In between trying to understand why her relationship fell apart, Lara is also trying her best to make her career as a head-hunter work. The problem is though, her supposed friend and business partner who convinced Lara to go into business with her has swanned off to Goa leaving Lara very much in the lurk.

As if a failed relationship and struggling with her new business venture wasn’t enough, Lara has been convinced to attend the funeral of her Great Aunt Sadie whom she never actually met.

Lara’s Uncle, a well-off businessman, and his family are also at the funeral. Lara sees it as an opportunity to introduce herself to her Uncle properly in the hope that he can help with some business advice.

All doesn’t go to plan though and right before her Great Aunt Sadie’s coffin is about to disappear behind the curtains to be cremated, a strange thing happens.

A young girl appears desperately searching for a necklace. The thing is, no-one else seems to have noticed this young girl except for Lara.

It soon transpires that this young girl is in fact the ghost of Lara’s Great Aunt Sadie who clearly isn’t ready for the next life.

Lara gets roped into helping Sadie find her beloved necklace, although why the necklace is so important to Sadie, Lara doesn’t know yet. Lara soon discovers that having a ghost around can be rather helpful, especially when it comes to winning back ex-boyfriends, but all doesn’t quite to go plan.

This book is a laugh out loud comedy with romance, ghosts, friendship and some family history research thrown in for good measure. Sadie is by far the best character in this book and I found myself laughing along at her hilarious antics on more than occasion.

Overall, it’s a brilliantly funny easy read that I would highly recommend!

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