Alfie and His Very Best Friend Book Review by Shirley Hughes

Alfie and His Very Best Friend

Shirley Hughes is an author that’s pretty new to me. I first discovered her after finding out that our girls were being read a book called ‘Dogger’ at school. Keen to support the girls learning, I’ve added this book along with a few others to my online shopping basket.

Shirley Hughes is an English author and illustrator. She’s written more than fifty books, which have sold more than 11.5 million copies.

We were recently sent one her books, Alfie and His Very Best Friend, to review. It’s a lovely hardback book and I have to admit that the illustrations are pretty enchanting.

Alfie and His Very Best Friend
This book is about two boys. Alfie and his very best friend Bernard. Split into three sections, there are effectively three stories inside.

The first simply tells the tale of how and Alife and Bernard are best friends. We get the chance to learn a bit about them, and we’re introduced to Alfie’s little sister Annie Rose.

Alfie and His Very Best Friend
We follow them on their adventures to the library and that’s when we come to the second story which is when Alfie and Bernard take a part in scooter race.

Alfie and His Very Best Friend
Bernard gets off to a great start and is in the lead, but when he sees that Alfie has fallen, he stops and turns around to help his friend. Although Bernard didn’t win the race, he and Alfie crossed the finishing line together!

The last story is all about the ABC club. The Alfie and Bernard Club. It’s all about them being best friends. They make badges to wear, and decide to make one for Annie Rose too, as she was feeling a bit left out.

Alfie and His Very Best Friend
This is a truly heart-warming story of friendship and kindness. The story is flows well and is easy to read. Our twins enjoy listening to it and I feel like the book has a really good message. The illustrations are beautiful and help to bring the story to life.

Overall, this is a truly lovely book that I would definitely recommend.

For the purpose of this review we were sent the above book. All views and opinions are100% my own.

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