10 things all Brits do on an all inclusive holiday

Having recently returned from an all inclusive holiday to Menorca, I couldn’t help, but notice a number of things that us Brits seemingly love to do on an all inclusive holiday. Some of them are funny, some are plain weird, and some of them I even do myself! So here are 10 things all Brits do on an all inclusive holiday! Clap when the plane lands – Why do us Brits do this? I’m not sure if other nationalities do this too, but I find it pretty funny! On our recent holiday, people on the plane even clapped the Captains… [Read More]

The benefits of school trips abroad

When I was in school, I always remember going on lots of school trips. They were one of the highlights of school for me. Whether it was a museum, farm, or local park, it didn’t matter to me. School trips were fun. A chance to go somewhere new with your classmates. However, one of the things that my parents never allowed my sister and I to do was go on school trips abroad. I always remember this one school trip new york. I’m not sure of the exact reasons why our parents didn’t let us go, but perhaps it was due… [Read More]

Keeping kids safe when abroad

Taking your children anyway can often be a pretty daunting task. Depending on their age, their routine and in particular their mood on the day, your trip is going to go one of two ways. Either really well or really stressful! Being prepared and organised can help, as can having a plan. Knowing what you’re going to do, where you’re going, how you’re getting there and what time you’ll get there by can all help in making your day run as smoothly as possible.  It may just be a trip to the shops, or perhaps somewhere further afield. A farm,… [Read More]

Travelling Abroad with Twins

We’ve recently returned from a holiday abroad with our four year old twin girls. This was the third time that they’d been on an aeroplane, so they’re pretty used to flying now. The first time my husband and I took our girls abroad was in 2013 when they were just 18 months old. We went to Menorca and then returned again in 2015. This year we decided to go to Majorca for a change, although I have to say overall I think I prefer Menorca as the weather was definitely warmer! Travelling abroad with twins can be hard work, and… [Read More]

Why fly when you can cruise?

When it comes to planning a holiday how many of us automatically think it will involve air travel? I for one have never really thought of any other way of travelling. I’ll decide on a destination, use review sites to check out some local hotels and then book my flight separately to try and save some money. What if I told you that you could actually go on holiday abroad without travelling by air? Cruises from the UK are becoming more and more popular and I can certainly understand why. Especially if you’re travelling with small children. My husband and I have… [Read More]

Watchbot Review and Giveaway

As a new parent we all want what’s best for our children. We all want to protect our children and this means protecting our homes too. I was recently lucky enough to be sent a Watchbot Wireless Security Camera to review. Watchbot is a wireless home and business security camera which allows you to remotely view and monitor what’s important to you, even if you are thousands of miles away. You can use Watchbot to monitor your home whilst you’re at work or on holiday. You can even use it as a baby monitoring camera, as a camera to protect elderly relatives… [Read More]

2014 Summer Holidays

I realise it’s only just turned 2014 and yes I know we’re only in the second week of January, but I’m already planning ahead and thinking about where to go on our summer holiday! Last year we took our girls on their first holiday, thanks to my mother in law who kindly paid for us all to go to Minorca. This year, we won’t be going overseas as we’re trying to save a deposit up for a house, so we’ll go on holiday somewhere in the UK. I’ve been having a look online and a few places have taken my… [Read More]

Travelling: Rome

I quite often post about Twin Daddy and I’s travels before our girls were born. In my first ever ‘meme’ which I called: “Before You Were Born” I talk fondly of our time in Rome. We’ve been twice and second time around it was just as enjoyable, if not more, than first time around. Rome, as many people know, is the capital of Italy and has 2.7 million residents, but did you also know that Rome is the only city in the world to contain in it’s interior a whole state; the enclave of Vatican City.  (Source: Wikipedia). On our first… [Read More]

Top Tips for Travelling Abroad with Children

M ejoyed playing with the leaflets Travelling anywhere with children can be an almighty task. Whether it’s just a trip to the local shops or a holiday abroad it can become stressful. Here are my top tips for travelling abroad with children.  If you are going by plane take a few books and toys to keep your little one entertained. You may not need them as your child may simply enjoy standing in the aisle taking in their new surroundings, but if you have a few to hand they can be great boredom busters. I found some great magnetic activity… [Read More]