10 things all Brits do on an all inclusive holiday

Having recently returned from an all inclusive holiday to Menorca, I couldn’t help, but notice a number of things that us Brits seemingly love to do on an all inclusive holiday.

Some of them are funny, some are plain weird, and some of them I even do myself!

So here are 10 things all Brits do on an all inclusive holiday!

  1. Clap when the plane lands – Why do us Brits do this? I’m not sure if other nationalities do this too, but I find it pretty funny! On our recent holiday, people on the plane even clapped the Captains Announcement of how long our flight would be! Some people on the plane joined in with the clapping with sheer enthusiasm, whilst others hung their heads in embarrassment! Others joined in way too loudly adding in the occasional head nod purely to mock those who’d started the clapping in the first place!
  2. Turn into warriors! Sunbed warriors that is! You’re on holiday, looking forward to relaxing by the pool, but before any of that relaxing can take place you have to set your alarm for 5.30am, lay out your towels the night before and join the queue to put your towels down to reserve your subbed for the day! If you don’t join the 6am queue, you can forget any chance of bagging yourself a sunbed!
  3. Eat more than our body weight in food. Breakfast everyday consists of copious amounts of toast, sausages, bacon, scrambled, tomatoes and beans, followed by desert! Who normally has dessert after breakfast? Well, on holiday you do! Sugary donuts, pastries and fruit roll things! Lunch is a plate piled high followed by two or more huge slices of cake. Then you have dinner which closely resembles lunch, yet somehow we still find enough room to pile our plates equally as high as we did at lunch time and eat even more dessert!
  4. Make friends with another Brit family and complain about the same things, mainly having to get up at ridiculous o’clock to bag a sun bed!
  5. Not go to the welcome meeting. Seriously, who actually goes to these? What is the point in it? I just want to get on with my holiday, not spend an hour listening to a teenager barely out of high school waffle on about what they can offer.
  6. Moan about the entertainment and how you’re not going to watch it, but then spend every evening making sure you get the best seats so your view of the stage isn’t blocked, and then clapping along to ABBA’s greatest hits!
  7. Join in with the entertainment. Us Brits love a moan, but we also love to have fun, even though the things we do on holiday we’d never do back home. Give your bra to a stranger so they can collect as many as they can to win a pint? Yeah, why not! Seems like a good idea when your holiday!
  8. Build the best sandcastle possible and get way too involved, even going as far as to give your children artistic pointers about the best place for their sandcastle and then getting upset when your children decide to stamp all over your work of art!
  9. Buy cheap souvenirs. A tea towel with a map of Menorca on, a bracelet with Santo Thomas emblazoned it, why not! You’re on holiday!
  10. Finally, resent having to get up early to catch your flight, even though you’ve been setting your alarm early all week to reserve a sunbed!

22 thoughts on “10 things all Brits do on an all inclusive holiday

  1. The sunbed thing really bugs me, resorts should be more pro active in preventing this. You shouldn’t be allowed to reserve a bed with a towel and not use it until the afternoon when someone else could have been enjoying it in the morning. #MondayFundayLinky

  2. The clapping is so funny! I hate taking off – I can’t understand how to tail doesn’t scrape along the runway during take-off! But if everyone clapped at that point I’d freak out – what, like the pilot was clever enough to avoid losing the back half of the plane..??! On landing it’s the smoothness of the landing so I’m cool (cooler) with this xx

  3. Hahaha. This is so true! I only ever went to one welcome meeting – literally a waste of time.

    The only nation I find comparable to us when it comes to clapping hands is the US. #thatfridaylinky

  4. I completely agree with number 5! And we always get a fridge magnet for number 9! These are so true!

    The other thing we do is get stupidly sun burnt!

  5. Haha, this is funny! It’s so annoying when people clap when the plane lands, I cringe every time! You’ve hit the nail on the head with all of these – guilty as charged! #ThatFridayLinky

  6. I love this post! I don’t know a lot of Brits personally- but as a Filipino, I can relate to the clapping when the plane lands part. This only happens when the plane lands in Manila. Many overseas Filipino workers don’t go “home” for years…and the moment when the plane lands on the Mother Land…it means they can be reunited with their family once again. Got a little teary when I wrote this. Missing my family back home. Well, we will be going home in February for my brother-in-law’s wedding…so I will definitely be clapping when the plane lands. 🙂

  7. After travelling for many many years – I’m a grandmother now. Also having lived in the US and in Belgium I think we may be a bit different from the majority of Brits on holiday. We normally say it’s the Germans who are hogging the sunbeds. But I must admit even though we vow at the end of each holiday not to do it again next time we do eat too much every time.

  8. Yeah, the whole clapping when a plane lands thing. What is that about? Only happens on charter flights so I’m told! And don’t mention the tat people buy when on holiday. It’s a sore point having just cleared so much junk out of our house following our house move. Thanks for hosting #thatfridaylinky Emily.

  9. I think the clapping is an international thing. It annoys the hell out of me! And yes, I tend to buy cheap souvenirs too when I’m on vacation. I have a cheesy spoon rest with a red phone booth and the Elizabeth Tower printed on it. I hang it on my kitchen wall!


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