Top Tips for Travelling Abroad with Children

M ejoyed playing with the leaflets
Travelling anywhere with children can be an almighty task. Whether it’s just a trip to the local shops or a holiday abroad it can become stressful. Here are my top tips for travelling abroad with children. 
  • If you are going by plane take a few books and toys to keep your little one entertained. You may not need them as your child may simply enjoy standing in the aisle taking in their new surroundings, but if you have a few to hand they can be great boredom busters. I found some great magnetic activity books online. Our twins love looking at pictures in books and they enjoyed sticking the magnetic parts to the books and trying to stick them all over the aeroplane!
  • Bring snacks with such as apple slices, grapes, rice cakes, breadsticks, cheese dippers, crisps, biscuits
  • If you plan on staying up later than usual to enjoy a show or to eat food later, you may want to consider giving your child an extra nap in the day. We did this on our holiday as it meant we could stay up until 11pm most nights.
  • Buy lots of sun cream. For a 7 day holiday I took around 7 bottles of sun cream with me and we used them all! I even had to buy one more whilst we were in Spain for the last day because we ran out! Make sure you apply sun cream at regular intervals to you and your child. I would apply sun cream to our girls 30 minutes before we went out and I kept reapplying every two hours and every time after they had been in the water.
  • Make sure you keep your little one’s hydrated with plenty of water. We also found ice lollies helped to cool our girls down.
    R enjoyed standing in the aisle

  • Bring two bathing suits for your child. One for the morning and then one for after lunch. This way you won’t have to put your child back into a cold, wet costume and they should dry overnight.

  • Bring a blanket with you on the plane. I found that on our outbound flight to Spain, the plane was quite warm, however the flight back was at night and I noticed a considerable drop in temperature. I’m so glad I brought Trunki SnooziHedz blanket (review coming soon) on the plane with me. You may also want to bring a cardigan or jumper.

  • Plan, plan and plan some more! If you have a toddler or young baby  and have a daily routine that works well for you then I would suggest planning your trip around their routine. We have recently returned from a holiday in Spain. The flight home was at 19:40hrs. Our girls are usually in bed by 7pm when we’re at home. I decided in advance to replicate their bedtime routine on the plane. I asked one of the café’s in the airport for some milk for the girls bottles and once we were on the plane I wrapped R in a blanket and gently rocked her until she was half asleep then gave her, her milk. She fell asleep and stayed asleep in my arms. When we arrived home I simply placed her in cot (still in her dress, but hey she was asleep so I didn’t want to disturb her!) 

What are your top tips for travelling abroad with children?

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  1. Great tips! We took our twins to Florida twice last year, the first trip they were 5 months old and the flight was a breeze since they were happy to sleep and watch, the second they were 11 months old and it was a bit fraught as they wanted to be moving up and down the plane! We did the whole nighttime routine on the plane though and they slept all the way home so that was ok. This year we're travelling when they'll be 23 months so we have a whole new experience ahead of us – we'll be sure to stock up on books and sunscreen!

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