Nuts for Gifts: Video Special

Finding a special and unique gift for someone for an upcoming occasion can sometimes be a challenge. Most people go down the easy route such as personalised cards and gifts that you can create online and have delivered straight to your door. Other people like to get more hands on and actually make something creative themselves as a gift for someone. This is my preferred method! I love getting my fabric stash and sewing box out! I was recently contacted by the lovely people from Nuts for Gifts and asked if I’d like to work with them to promote knowledge of… [Read More]

Before you were born we used to….

Before you were born we used to…   Be silly and throw cold cups of water over one another when in the shower   Watch TV whilst snuggled up together on the sofa    Fall asleep together on the sofa   Go to the cinema (a lot!)   I remember one time we had a snow ball fight   Go on city breaks! Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Valencia and more!   It’s funny how things change after our children are born. Sometimes it’s easy to forget who we once were. Our lives and every waking thought is filled with our children…. [Read More]

Fit for 30 Update

Since writing my first post about my sister and I’s fit for 30 campaign, I thought I’d write a little update. My weigh in day for me is every Friday and I’m pleased to report that when I weighed in last Friday I’d lost 6lbs. I’m very happy with my progress! I’ve actually run 13.03k now. I’m running three times a week and already I can see the progress I’m making. I’m running better, more confidently and further each time. With every run I get a little faster too and I keep beating my previous 1k running time. With regard… [Read More]

Moochies Phone for Kids Review

I first heard of Moochies after reading an online news article about them. I was curious to learn more and find out exactly how they worked.  Moochies phone for kids is exactly that. Well, for kids it is a phone, but for parents it’s so much more.  Moochies phone for kids can make two way calls at the press of a button. It’s simple for kids to use and offers parents reassurance and peace of mind that their children are safe.  Features include: Voice calling Parent set contact numbers SOS button  GPS tracking Safe zones Watch function Design Let’s start… [Read More]

Is she a boy?

“Is she a boy?” That’s the question I was asked today by a boy who couldn’t have been much older than five or six. I can understand the question he asked so naively. I mean looking at R in her blue canvas pumps, blue shorts and blue t-shirt I can see how from a quick glance he may have thought her a boy, but when looking from the shoulders up at her long brown hair and feminine face there’s no mistaking that she is in fact a girl! I wasn’t offended by the boys question. I found it humorous more… [Read More]

Luck, chance or fortune?

I’m the sort of person that believes everything happens for a reason. I think certain elements and experiences from our past happen for a reason and although at the time we may not realise it, it’s not until the future that we realise why something from the past occurred. Do you believe in luck? I do and I have been fortunate in life in many ways, but then again I’ve also had my lot of back luck. Thankfully the good luck has been more than the bad! The infographic below has been provided by Paddy Power Bingo and offer some tips to… [Read More]

Best Holiday Destinations for Families

Sometimes the thought of packing your bags and taking the kids abroad can fill you with dread. What if they play up on the plane? What if you leave their favourite toy at home? What if you can’t get an affordable holiday out of school time and feel the need to brave the fine by taking them out a week early?  Let’s put these ‘what ifs’ to the back of your mind for now and focus on where you should be jetting off to. We’ve got some great destination inspiration for you, featuring plenty of sandy beaches, clear seas and enough activities to tire… [Read More]

Most Played With Toys In Our Home

I like writing about the different ways in which our girls play. I really enjoy watching them using their imaginations to play. They like playing with their Bigjigs village shop. One will be the shop keeper and the other will be the customer. They like dressing up and acting our various roles and they really enjoy playing with their Happyland toys. Our twins are three years old so they’re pretty much into everything, however they do have some firm favourite toys that will get played with on a daily basis. I thought I’d share with you some of the most… [Read More]

Preparing for nursery school

Our twins will soon be three and that means they’ll soon be starting nursery school. They were meant to start in April, but both of our local schools were full so this means they won’t start until September now. In hindsight this is a good thing. They weren’t due to be born until April, which means had they have been born on time, instead of early, they wouldn’t have started nursery–school until September anyway. I’m nervous and worried about how our twins will take to nursery. They’ve always been looked after in their own home by me, their dad or a family member and they’ve never been away from me of their… [Read More]

Christmas Gifts for Men

Socks Socks are a true Christmas staple in our household and I’m sure in many other peoples too! This year why not add a little luxury to your gift. Thanks to David Gandy and the London Sock Company you can do just that! The style God has worked with the fashion-forward sock brand to create a limited edition gift set which oozes British heritage for the modern gentleman.  Each gift set includes the ‘Simply Sartorial Skye Blue’, Limited Edition Winter Houndstooth’ and ‘Spotted in Shoreditch’, pairs packaged in a luxury gift box. My personal favourite is the Limited Edition Winter… [Read More]