Getting the Car Ready for Summer: 10 Top Tips

Every time winter rolls around, I see guides popping up here, there and everywhere with tips for keeping your car safe in the colder months. What about keeping your car safe in the summer though. Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to find out in this post! Depending on the age of your car, you may not need to do all, if any of the tips listed below. This is because newer cars require less maintenance. This is mainly due to advances to in technology. Gone are the days where you’d need to change the oil in your car every… [Read More]

Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

When you live in a ground floor maisonette space can be a bit of an issue, especially when you have small children wandering around. Our home is all on one level and whilst this does have it’s good points – the lack of stairs is great because we don’t have to worry about our twins running up or even falling down them, but on the other hand space can be an issue. When it comes to designing our home we have a lot of space saving storage options, but now that we have to decorate our bathroom we have a… [Read More]

Top Toddler Books

As a keen reader myself, although I don’t do too much of it nowadays due to lack of time, I’m keen to start reading more to our twins. I recently asked on Twitter how often people read to their children and it made me feel slightly bad that I don’t read to our twins on a regular basis. The majority of people replied to say that they read to their children (of all ages from babies to pre-schoolers) daily. Our girls have lots and lots of books, but we don’t tend to read them much. In a bid to read… [Read More]

Top tips for parenting twins

Raising a baby is one of the toughest experiences in the world.  Our twins spent the first 27 days of their lives in hospital.  By the time my husband and I brought them home they were almost a month old.  For that very first month we had a lot of support.  Nurses were on hand to help us feed, change and bathe our babies. They helped me in my attempts to breastfeed and even the hospital cleaners would stop by for a chat! Our twins are two years old now. Looking back to the early days there are a number of things that I would do… [Read More]

Our Top Parenting Moments

We’ve had some pretty funny moments since becoming parents. We thought we should share with you some of our top parenting moments. R stuck in a box on her 1st Christmas day! Milton Eyes Not long after bringing our girls home from hospital. Twin Daddy decided to clean M’s eyes as they were a bit sticky. However, the night before I had emptied the last of the Milton sterilising solution into a small plastic bottle and left it on top of the microwave in our kitchen.  The following day Twin Daddy went on the search for cotton wool and then proceeded… [Read More]

Top Tips for New Bloggers

I’ve been blogging for almost two years now so I thought I would share with you a few tips that I have learnt along the way. I’m not an expert, but the tips below are things that I think are helpful for bloggers who are just starting out. Blogger vs WordPress When I first decided to create our blog, I think I typed something along the lines of ‘starting a blog’ into Google and the first website to pop up at the time was Blogger. I’m still using blogger now. I find it easy and simple to use, plus you… [Read More]

Christmas Clothes Gifts For Boys

Being a Mum to twin girls I find it really easy to buy clothes for them. There are certain things that I’ll look for when buying their clothes such as ensuring they’re well made and I tend to buy patterned tops as oppose to plain ones. I also tend to buy clothes that will last them a while, so that quite often means I have to roll their sleeves up as they’re a bit long! When it comes to toys for our girls, generally anything pink and girly is a hit! They love their dolls house and toy prams and… [Read More]

Top 5 Ways To Get Your Child to Sleep

1. Choose a good mattress. Choosing the right mattress for your child can make the difference between a good nights sleep or a bad night’s sleep. Making sure your childs mattress provides enough comfort and support is important, therefore it is a good idea to have a look around and see what types are available. 2. Develop a bedtime routine and stick to it. Having a regular bedtime routine will help to make the transition from day to night easier for your child. A good bedtime routine should be calm and relaxing. You could start with a gentle massage followed by a… [Read More]

Top Tips for Travelling Abroad with Children

M ejoyed playing with the leaflets Travelling anywhere with children can be an almighty task. Whether it’s just a trip to the local shops or a holiday abroad it can become stressful. Here are my top tips for travelling abroad with children.  If you are going by plane take a few books and toys to keep your little one entertained. You may not need them as your child may simply enjoy standing in the aisle taking in their new surroundings, but if you have a few to hand they can be great boredom busters. I found some great magnetic activity… [Read More]

Top That Publishing Book Review

Twin daddy and I were very lucky to have been sent two books to review from Top That Publishing. The first book is called: ‘The Froobles. Sienna Strawberry and the ice palace ballet’ First off, I love the illustrations in this book. Especially the ballerinas as they actually look like something I could make for our girls at home with some pipe cleaners and other bits and pieces! Both M and R enjoyed this book. I think because the book is quite small it was easy for our girls to hold and they both enjoyed looking at the pictures whilst… [Read More]