Travelling: Rome

I quite often post about Twin Daddy and I’s travels before our girls were born. In my first ever ‘meme’ which I called: “Before You Were Born” I talk fondly of our time in Rome.

We’ve been twice and second time around it was just as enjoyable, if not more, than first time around.

Rome, as many people know, is the capital of Italy and has 2.7 million residents, but did you also know that Rome is the only city in the world to contain in it’s interior a whole state; the enclave of Vatican City.  (Source: Wikipedia).

On our first trip we must have walked the whole length of Rome! We went to Vatican City and also visited the many other cultural sites: St Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums. I always remember as a child going on school trips to museums and thinking how boring they were! It’s not until you’re a little older and maybe, wiser, that I’ve learnt to truly appreciate museums.

The Vatican Museums have some of the world’s most famous painting and sculptures. Granted this probably isn’t the most exciting place for your children to visit, but it is fascinating to learn about another country’s culture and history.

Rome, also known as “The Eternal City” is such a historic and beautiful place to visit. I loved wandering around the ruins and looking at all the different buildings. Of course you can’t go to Rome without seeing the Colosseum. The first time we went we paid for a guided tour and learnt so much about the amphitheatre. It’s built of concrete and stone and it was the largest amphitheatre of the Roman Empire.

Looking out from the Colosseum you have the Vatican Gardens which are decorated with fountains and sculptures, much like  most of Rome. That’s the great thing about Rome! No matter what direction you go in, whether you get lost or whether you know where your going there’s always something to see!

I can’t talk about Rome without talking about the food! Oh the food! The tastiest, most delicious pizzas and the creamiest ice cream you can imagine! I love all the family owned restaurants. They’re so much better than these big corporate chains you get in the UK and most other places. I know Rome has McDonalds, but whilst in Rome you have to eat local! The food is amazing!

I would love to go back to Rome, but we’ll probably have to leave it until our girls are older. Whenever we go on holiday, I always try to find the best deal possible. I tend to book our flight and hotel separately and we’ll often find our own from the airport to our hotel.

Venere allows you to compare hotels, B&Bs and apartments all over Rome and the rest of the world. They also have those nice little boutique hotels which I find cute. When booking our flight, I always fly budget and never pay for extras such as speedy boarding as to me having the ability to board the plane five minutes before everyone else, isn’t that much of an advantage! I know some people do it to ensure they’re sat together on the plane, but when you consider it takes under three hours to fly from the UK to Rome, I’m sure we’d survive the plane journey if we were sat apart. After all we’d have the whole holiday to spend time together!

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