Sightseeing in Rome, Italy

Italy has often been described as many different things. The country of love and romance, of fashion and art, and of course, the country of food! Italy is many things to many people, and for me it will always be known as the country of love. Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the first places my husband and I went on holiday together. One of the best ways to really make yourself feel at home is to look at some homes for rent in Italy. Nothing makes a stay more enjoyable than being able to retreat back to a… [Read More]

La Boheme Opera

I love a good love story! It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic film, book or play chances are I’ll enjoy it! I’ve recently discovered opera. In particular La Boheme. According to the English National Opera website, La Boheme is one of opera’s greatest love stories. I’m sold! This opera traces the doomed relationship between the impoverished poet Rodolfo and his seamstress girlfriend Mimi. I always remember watching the American TV show, Fraser. Fraser and his brother Niles would often go to the opera together. I always thought it looked fabulous, enchanting and magical! Listening to the singing, the different languages,… [Read More]

Lady in Liguria

I came across a blog recently and I love it so much that I wanted to share it with you too!  Anneka blogs at Lady in Liguria and writes about her experiences of long distance love, finding happiness and living between London and Liguria.  Thank you Anneka for letting me share your blog. Lady in Liguria I did everything they told me to do.  Everything that was programmed into my consciousness for ‘getting on in life’, which I assumed at the time meant happiness.  I worked tirelessly at school to achieve top grades, secured a Masters degree and landed a job… [Read More]

Travelling: Rome

I quite often post about Twin Daddy and I’s travels before our girls were born. In my first ever ‘meme’ which I called: “Before You Were Born” I talk fondly of our time in Rome. We’ve been twice and second time around it was just as enjoyable, if not more, than first time around. Rome, as many people know, is the capital of Italy and has 2.7 million residents, but did you also know that Rome is the only city in the world to contain in it’s interior a whole state; the enclave of Vatican City.  (Source: Wikipedia). On our first… [Read More]